Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! The final part


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NOTE* Well, guys, here it is. The 12th and final part of the story. Let me just say it's been a blast writing this fic for everyone! I appreciate all the replys from all the different people here. I hope everyone enjoyed reading it as I did writing it.:) Anyway, as always, read AND reply! Enjoy!........
It was late Friday at the Wilkerson household. The group of people outside were still waiting for any members of the Wilkerson or Griffin family to show their face so they could pulverize them. Stewie and Malcolm, though, had built a drill out of metal(see last chapter). The Wilkersons and Griffins were all in the garage, ready to drill their way out.

Lois W: Are you sure this will work?
Stewie: Of course Im sure! IF Malcolm followed my perfect plan!
Malcolm: I followed all the instructions on the paper. Now can we get on with this?
Stewie: Certainly. Now does my family have all our stuff?
The Griffins all nod. They have their luggage with them.
Stewie: Well, here it goes!
He starts the drill. It is VERY loud but it gets the job done. In seconds, there is a large hole and then Stewie starts drilling a small tunnel out to the car outside.
Malcolm: Ill be damned! It's working!
Reese:I still think my hypnotize plan was better(see last chapter.)
Stewie has now drilled the tunnel.
Stewie: okay, in a sec im going to drill the hole on the other side of the garage door. As soon as we climb out, run for the car, okay?
They all nod. Stewie drills the hole on the other side. Everyone gets down into the small tunnel and crawls under to the other side of the garage door. Peter is having trouble crawling through.
Peter: Im stuck!
Lois G: oh for....
Peter: Waitt......ahhh.......(it is clear that Peter just farted.)
Dewey: What's that smell?
Brian: Peter! He just farted!
Chris: Weak!
Malcolm: Get to the other side before we all suffocate!
They eventually climb out of the hole on the other side of the garage door. They are now outside, only feets away from the car. The crowd is looking away from them.
Stewie(whisper): Quickly! To the car!
Everyone starts sneaking over to the car. Lois W. starts unlocking it.
Malcolm(whisper): How the heck are we suppose to all fit in there?
Reese(whisper): I don't know! I wish I was Harry Potter and I had a invisibility cloak!
Lois W(whisper): Will you two shut up and get in?!
Malcolm: (whisper): We can't all fit!
Lois W(she gets mad and yells): ARE YOU QUESTIONING ME?!!
The crowd turns and sees all of them.
Malcolm: Oh dammit...
Guy in crowd: GET EM!
Lois W: Hurry! Everyone in!
The Wilkersons and Griffins all pile into the car. It is a VERY tight squeeze. The crowd is reaching them.
Lois W: Alright! Let's go!
They speed off down the street. The crowd is mad as they just missed their chance.
In Hal's underground tunnel(see last chapter)...
(great escape music) Hal has almost reached the house. His tunnel is very long, stretching all the way across the street. Hal is covered in dust and soot. He is picking slowly as he is tired.
Hal: Lois...Im...coming....
In the car...
Everyone is piled into the car tightly, but they are all happy since they escaped.
Lois W: Airport here we come!
Brian: I never thought we'd make it out of the house alive!
Lois W: Yeah. We.....(she looks in the rear view mirror and sees flashing lights. It's the cops.)
Lois W: Oh no!
Peter: Crap!
They pull over. The cop struts up to the car. He sees all the people piled in.
Cop: Do you know why I pulled you over?
Lois W: Yeah. Your bored and want something to do.
Malcolm(to camera): Damn. That did it. Were gonna be here a while.
Cop(kinda in a smartass voice): Step outta the car, please.
Lois W. rolls her eyes but steps out. The cop is still looking at everyone piled in the car.
Cop: So what business you in?
Lois W: Im a employee at the Lucky Aide store.
Cop: Is that so? Looks to me like you smuggle wetbacks, lady!
Lois W: Do WHAT?!
Lois G: Were all American citizens!
Cop: Nice try!
Everyone rolls their eyes, except Peter.
Peter: Actually, we ARE from another country.
Cop: I knew it!
Peter: Im the AMBASSADOR OF CANADA! This is my entourage!
Cop:...how do I know that for certain?
Peter: This.(Peter pulls his pants down. Tattoed on his butt is a canadian leaf.
Cop: Oh crap! You ARE the ambassador!
Peter: That's right! I suggest you let us go!
Cop: Of course! Im sorry sir!
Peter: Good. Oh wait...do you have donuts in your car?
Cop: Yes sir! I have a full box.
Peter: Give them to us and you can go.
The cop goes and gets the donuts. He gives the box to them.
Peter: You may leave now.
cop: Yes sir! Thank you sir!(he salutes. Peter, just to be an ass, does a weird salute where he twists his hand in the air and then brings it down. The cop goes and drives off.)
Lois W: That was incredible!
Reese: But why do you have a canadian leaf tattoed on your ass?
Peter: For these situations! Heahhahahahahahaa(trademark laugh)!
They all laugh as Lois W. gets back in the car and they drive toward the airport.
In Hal's underground tunnel...
(great escape music) Hal has finally reached the point under his house. He swings the pickax up and breaks through the top.
Hal: HA HA! YES!
He breaks through more and climbs out of the small hole he has broke. He is in the kitchen.
Hal: Lois? Boys? Peter?
Hal gets out and sees that they are all gone.
Hal(has one of his fits): EAHHHEHHHHHHHHHHGGG!!!!(he takes the pickax and breaks it over his knee, only to hurt his knee.) AGGGAGHHHHHH!
At the airport...
They have bought the tickets and are heading toward the plane that the Griffins need to board.
Lois W: Well, guess this is goodbye.
Lois G: Yep. Well, except for today's fiasco, it's been great.
Lois W: Thanks.
The Wilkersons/Griffins start shaking hands and such.
Brian: Well Dewey, good luck with your principal. With any luck, he'll die of a burst blood vessal before he can hurt you.
Dewey: That's good news.
Brian: Yeah, we.....oh no.......
Brian is looking behind Dewey and the other Wilkersons. He sees Principal Forkoner running towards them. Forkoner has his face painted like Mel Gibson does on Braveheart.
Forkoner(yelling war cries): BLLEEBLLEEEYAA!
Dewey: It's him!
Brian: What do we do?!
Malcolm(he got an idea): HELP! It's a...umm...TERRORIST!
As soon as he says that, security guards rush Forkoner. They pile on him and pin him down.
The guards drag him off. Forkoner is foaming at the mouth.
Announcer(over intercom): Flight 91 to Quahog is boarding!
Peter: That's us!
Lois G: Call us some time!
All the Griffins head off to that terminal and board the plane. The Wilkersons look out a big glass window and watch the plane take off.
Lois W: Well, that was a weird time.
Reese: Yeah, but it was fun!
They head out to the parking lot.
Dewey: I wonder if the crowd is still out in front of the house.(they climb in the car.)
Reese: If they are, I will hypnotize all of them!
Lois,Dewey,Malcolm: SHUT UP!
They drive off away from the airport..............
THE END!!!!!(Malcolm's ending theme song here).........................
NOTE* Well, hope everyone liked it! Once again, it was great writing the fic. I had loads of fun! Hope you all did too!:)


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