Song off an advert on SKY


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Has anyone that watches SKY seen the advert for that show Battlestar Galactic. I really like the song playing in the backgroud for the SKYone/SKYtwo advert. Does anyone know what it is??
I was looking for it today but I can't find it:( .


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samboo1 said:
No, sorry i dont. Ill keep a look out though :D

Thanks Samboo, but I managed to find it out off of a mate, who seems to know everything, lol:D

Incase anyone wants to know it's called - "Kamikaze" By PJ Harvey, It's not a bad song..

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There was also another advert for BG that had "It Ends Tonight" in the background, but it could have been a newer one. I saw it in the winter about two years ago. I was in a cabin in Big Bear (just a snowy mountain, pretty much) and we were staying with a random family that had tiny kids who were obsessed with High School Musical. We always went into the other room and watched the Twilight Zone Marathon on the SciFi channel and there were all these ads for other shows... We couldn't stand those happy sappy kids.