Rate Your Least to Most Favorite Episodes in Season 7


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I thought it would be fun to rate our least favorite to most favorite episodes of the season. You might want to include comments on the eps to say why you liked (or didn't like) them, but not necessary if you don't want to take the time. We should probably use spoiler tags for any comments from Bomb Shelter thru Graduation since some people in the UK and elsewhere may not have seen those eps yet. Also, remember that everyone is entitled to his/her personal opinion. :) Ok, here's mine (starting with least fav.):

22. Health Insurance: This episode just didn't do much for me at all.

21. Secret Boyfriend: Reese's kicked out plot was good, but overall it wasn't that great.

20. A.A.: I the boys' storyline was funny, but it was a bit extreme--even for them. I found Francis/Hal/Lois plot a little dull.

18. Cattle Court:
Spoiler for spoiler:
There were some definitely some funny moments with Reese's pretending to be a vegetarian, but the Malcolm/Lois/Craig plot just seemed to drag on a bit.

19. Malcolm's Money: Not a bad ep. We got to see typical Malcolm with all of his insecurities, but overall it wasn't one of the better eps of the season IMO.

17. Hal's Dentist: Hal was great and Bryan's acting was superb in this ep. I still want to know if the whole matress thing was a dream, or not. I liked it--Again, just not one of my favs of the season.

16. Hal Grieves: I loved seeing Hal spend time with the boys and there was a good message in this ep too.

15. Jessica Stays Over: I liked Lois/Malcolm bonding, but mainly I liked the Reese/Dewey plot. Classic!

14. Army Buddy: We learned a lot about Reese in this ep. Too bad things never seem to work out when it comes to his love life.

13. College Recruiters: I enjoyed everyone's plot here. My biggest complaint is that they didn't show the family's reaction when Reese announced he was married to Raduca. It didn't seem like much of a continuation from Bride of Ida.

12. Bride of Ida: Great ep with Malcolm and Reese competing with each other and quite shocking that Reese actually went through with the marriage.

11. Halloween: Classic MITM. Everyone's plot was good, but I enjoyed Malcolm/Hal the most.

10. Mono: Again, it was nice to see Lois and Malcolm bond and the pidazzled thing was hilarious.

9. Lois Strikes Back: Lois was great in this ep. and I still say those girls got what they deserved. ;)

8. Bomb Shelter:
Spoiler for spoiler:
Everyone's plot was good. Again, we saw typical Malcolm who lets his insecurities get in the way of his happiness.

7. Burning Man: Great opener to a great season. It was nice seeing the family in a different type of situation and interesting how they all fell into their various "groups" at the festival.

6. Malcolm Defends Reese: I love all episodes where the boys stand up for each other.

5. Stevie in the Hospital:
Spoiler for spoiler:
Great ep. Hal's boat plot was hilarious and Malcolm's avoidance of an unpleasant situation was something that I think most of us can identify with. The ending was great.

4. Morp:
Spoiler for spoiler:
Again, classic MITM. What seemed like a good idea ends in disaster for Malcolm. I also really enjoyed Reese's plot here too..and we found out that he's also a good actor. :D

3. Reese vs Stevie: Still one of my favs--mainly due to the little brotherly exchange between Malcolm and Reese near the end.

2. Graduation--Very fitting send off for MITM. What can I say, it was great (should have been longer though. :D )

and finally

1. Blackout--Still my favorite episode of the season and 2nd on my list of all time favs (behind Red Dress!)

Whew--that was hard. Too many good ones to choose from! :D Overall, excellent season. I'm glad MITM went out on a high note!


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Too soon for what? Is it emotionally painful to rate the episodes or something? I figured it was a good time since they're still fresh in our minds. :D


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Well, unlike our good Yardgames, I feel there is no need to wait. MITM is over, and we have to deal with that. Now let's rejoice in the memories of this fine show.
NOTE* Since I missed some of the eps, I won't go through all of them. Ill just rate my favs/least favs.

1)Brides of Ida-Not that it was bad, but I missed most of it due to a stupid ass blackout(had no power for three days!).
2)College Recruiters-Again, not really that bad an episode, but it was kinda dull. BUT, Hal's whole thing was very funny.

1)Burning Man-This episode in one word? Great. Two words? Very great. Three words?..You get my drift.:D This is not only my favorite episodes of the entire season, it is one of my favorite episodes of the entire show. Every plot was funny, and not only that, the episode was special because of the unusual setting.
2)Hal's Dentist-I know this one got mixed reactions here, but I found this episode to be incredibly funny, especially Hal's hilarious plot(still remember his "scream box":D ). Lois and Reese had a great one, too. I still can't believe Lois couldn't ride a bike! And of course, the now infamous(it seems) Dewey/Malcolm plot with the "real or dream" bed.
3)Graduation-This one isn't on here just because it's the final episode. This one is here because it severley beat my expectations. I don't know about you guys, but after reading the spoilers, I didn't think too highly of this one and I thought the show would end in a crappy way. Boy, was I proved wrong. And Im glad I was.:)