On the Set of Frankie's 'My Sexiest Year'


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<img src="http://www.malcolminthemiddle.co.uk/images/frankie.jpg" align="left" height="220" hspace="5" vspace="5" width="168" />Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) stars in the yet to be released film <em><a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0806130/" title="IMDB" target="_blank">My Sexiest Year</a>. </em>Which he filmed last year.
A romantic coming-of-age story in which the kindness bestowed by a glamorous model is returned 30 years later by the young man in whom she inspired the first stirrings of confidence and love.

There is very little information on the movie but I came across a write up from an extra on the set.

Frankie Muniz and Harvey Keitel were both very friendly and down to earth, although I had a difficult time getting over how teeny tiny Frankie actually is. The poor thing definitely gets his clothes at the Juniors Department, but he has beautiful clear <strike>green</strike> blue eyes........

.....Amber couldn't eat from the regular lunch buffet like all the other commoners and there ensued a frantic scavenger hunt for her demand of a fresh turkey wrap before she fainted from hunger... Needless to say, they got it to her just in the nick of time - phew. She laughed and kidded around with Frankie as they shot a scene involving a large ziploc bag full of weed (which looked an awful lot like catnip...) and fake stone crabs (alas, we extras were not fed fake stone crabs, but we did get to nibble on some scrumptious chocolate cake during one of the restaurant scenes).......

......Out in a rush was Frankie particulary because i belive he wanted to change. (Who wouldnt?) Everyone was a sweet heart but what cracked me up is that because of Frankies height he had to stand on a box to kiss the model (Valetta) and it was just so fun to be in such a great experience......
Source: <a href="http://blogs.herald.com/scene_in_the_tropics/2006/05/on_the_set_of_m.html" title="Source" target="_blank">blogs.herald.com</a>


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There was an interview a local Miami station did with cast members on the set which was posted online a long time ago. Sorry cant find it now.