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In which episode did the following happen. Please sent answers in a PM, otherwise others can simply cheat :D

In which episode....

01.) Did Malcolm's teacher appreciate his fruitful artwork.
02.) Did Hal burn the sofa.
03.) Did Dewey let a small rodent escape
04.) Did Malcolm beat up a 7 year old
05.) Did Malcolm get beaten up by Dewey and Reese (very badly)
06.) Did Reese not know how to turn on a computer
07.) Did the boys drive a golf caddy into a swimming pool
08.) Did Malcolm get dumped by his girlfriend in her attic
09.) Did Francis and Hal get covered in mud
10.) Did Reese see Mr Waffles
11.) Did Malcolm first meet Cynthia
12.) Did Reese get beaten up by Cynthia
13.) Did Francis bring home Piama for the first time
14.) Did Dewey jump into a tigers cage
15.) Did Hal and Lois have a pregnancy scare (which wasn't)
16.) Did Hal and Lois have a pregnancy scare (which was)
17.) Did Lois take Jamie to Church
18.) Did Anarchy spread across the school, due to something Reese stopped doing.
19.) Did the Krelboynes join the regular school.
20.) Did Malcolm sit on a dustbin on top of Dewey.

PM the answers, to me - the highest scorer in weeks time will gain a medal prize.


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Congratulations to 3 people who have already got full marks for the quiz, its still open so feel free to enter..

All 3 of those people have receieved medals

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