Malcolm Writers' New Web Series


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I wanted to let people know about a new web series that former "Malcolm in the Middle" writers Eric Kaplan and Andy Bobrow are working on called "Love Me Cat".

It’s a puppet talk show in the vein of Conan or The Tonight Show, starring a thoughtfully hilarious cat that desperately wants to be loved and his wisecracking owl sidekick. Love Me Cat (voiced by Eric) and Owly (voiced by Andy) talk to celebrity guests about love, alienation and what it’s like to be a person in this fast changing world.

They’re really trying to raise overall awareness about the project and get people involved as co-creators of the show, so check out their Kickstarter campaign and share with your friends and fellow fans.

I'm a fan of theirs and am helping them get the word out.

Here's a photo of Love Me Cat and Owly in action w/ The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik: