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The 2008 Atlantic championship with Frankie in it has begun. The first race just concluded in Long Beach, California and was won by Simona De Silvestro (yes a woman). Frankie finished in 15th place out of 23 cars. That doesnt sound super but is a pretty good improvement compared to last year, as his team manager notes below.

Also if you haven't checked out Frankie's website lately, there is a new, long interview on there where he talks about, well everything. It is from the show LoveLine which has extremely graphic content so you shouldnt listen to this unless you are at least 18 I guess. If anyone cares enough to ask perhaps I can post a PG rated summary, but it would take awhile since the show is 2 hours.

Long Beach: Pacific Coast Motorsports race report
Racing series ATLANTIC
Date 2008-04-20

Consistent Performance Pays Off for Muniz, Skerlong Bumped to the Back

It looked to be a promising day for Carl Skerlong. The 19-year old from Seattle sat on row two as the green flag fell for the Imperial Capital Bank Challenge at the Long Beach Grand Prix. His hopes for a podium finish in the season opener were destroyed as fellow American and pole-sitter Jonathan Bomarito pushed Carl into the tire barrier in turn one. The incident forced Carl to return to the pitlane for a new nose. He anticipated a strong race, where he could show the potential of this US RaceTronics prepared PCM race car, but instead, he had to demonstrate from one lap down. He did get the chance to make his point setting the fastest lap of the race, for which he was rewarded with a bonus point.

Frankie Muniz made a big improvement over his Long Beach debut last year by starting ten positions ahead in the field and finishing four over his 2007 result. Frankie turned in the 15th fastest qualifying lap of the 23 drivers yesterday, less than a second over Simona de Silvestro, the pole and eventual race winner. Muniz drove an incident free race, held on to his position, and left the Beach pleased with his improvement.

CARL SKERLONG, #14 King Taco/Mazda/Swift/Cooper Tires

Carl on qualifying: "Without question, we had the car to win. Unfortunately Bomarito made an unsafe and unnecessary move which cost me my race. I had to come in for a new nose and we lost a lap. After that we chased the field, and the fact that I set the fastest time of the race, proves we had a great car. We're leaving with one point, which certainly is not what I had in mind, but I am going to turn my focus to Laguna, where I am sure we will have a better weekend. Thanks to King Taco for all of their support, I really wanted to win for them at their home race, it wasn't meant to be this weekend, but we'll do it for them in California next month."

Frankie Muniz #41 PCM/Mazda/Swift/Cooper Tires

Frankie on qualifying: "I am very happy with how the race went. We had a good start and we didn't lose any positions. We stayed consistent with the pack and the pace. I wish we were faster but I drove a safe race, I didn't make many mistakes and I didn't let anyone pass me, so I am pleased. I can't wait for Laguna Seca."

Tyler Tadevic, Team Owner: "In regard to Carl, he had a tough day through no fault of his own. We think Bomarito's move was unreasonable, it cost us the podium as well as potentially a victory. No sour grapes about it, the King Taco car is going to be rewarded at Laguna Seca. Very proud, of the team, unfortunately they couldn't get the results that they were capable of achieving.

Frankie struggled initially, but by the end of the second qualifying session, he was less than a second off of the pole, and we think that is pretty good for a driver who is only in his third year of racing. It is a big improvement over last year when he was three seconds off of the pole. I am really proud of him. Thanks to Mazda and Cooper Tires for making sure the Atlantic series exists. Shane (Seneviratne, team manager), Lee (Bentham, driver coach), Tim (Lewis, engineer #41) and Burke (Harrison, engineer #14) and all the boys did a great job all weekend.

Noteworthy: Carl Skerlong scored a bonus championship point for setting the fastest lap of the race.

-credit: pcm

here are a couple pictures, there are plenty from the event if you search around.



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From his website: "I love all forms of racing. It's in my blood. At times, I even catch myself racing people when I'm walking. It's insane." lol. I'm glad he's so passionate about it.

And yes, a summary for the interview would be very nice because, you know. Young and busy.


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And yes, a summary for the interview would be very nice because, you know. Young and busy.

OK here it is. It really is kind of long but I didnt mind at all listening to it again, lots of fun stuff in here. Sorry if it isnt 100% but it is hard to type fast listening to it. edited it down and to about PG13 with interesting parts from Frankie. Only the parts with “ ” are careful exact quotes [] are just my own comments. I omitted some parts of the show that aren't really about Frankie
April 2008
DR = host Dr Drew
S = host stryker
FM = Frankie Muniz

S: Welcome to LoveLine. We have a very interesting guest. He has done a lot and is doing something he didn't start out doing. He was an actor on Malcolm in the Middle with the “anti-dentite” from Seinfeld. Whats that guys name?
FM: lol “Bryan Cranston”
S: I love that guy. Then he somehow got into race car driving. Frankie Muniz! How?
FM: I had always been a fan of cars and racing.....got to do the celebrity race in long beach 2005 that got me into racing. Won that and it was the best feeling, knew I wanted to do that
S: But who were were you racing against? Like “Tony Hawk”
FM: “Meatloaf. Lil Kim”
S: You beat Meatloaf! Really? Really beating them was better then...?
FM: it was awesome but I was still doing the show acting.....I was aproached by a team for a test...did well and they signed me for 2 years [starting in early 2006 right when he knew the show was ending]
started in Formula BMW, a Jr learning series, then moved up to Atlantic Championship.
DR: do you have to win to move up from Atlantic to IndyCar?
FM: I think if you can get in the top 5 for the season you can move up [note he scored 15 out of 24 cars, a few days after this interview]
S: Danica Patrick in IndyCar previously raced in the Atlantic series
FM: yes in previous years
S: rookie Graham Rahal just won in IndyCars. He was in Atlantic?
FM: yes. It is good to see a driver from Champ Car & former Atlantic driver win in IndyCar [he references the recent merging of the IndyCar and Champ Car race series]
S:Frankie is racing this sunday.
FM: there are 24 cars in the race. Im #41 this year. Wanted to switch since im on a new team. Last year was 13. I picked that because nobody ever wants 13.
S: Nascar driver Carl Edwards was on this show last year. I got addicted to racing,
FM: “Once you get hooked, you can't get it out of your blood.”
S: I got to ride as a passenger with him. We went 175MPH. awesome
FM: multiply that excitement by 100X. there is an IndyCar 2 seater.
DR: are you offering? He will never shut up about it!
S: there is no roof on that car!
Dr: 100x ! you have to go. Hes been talking about the NASCAR thing for a year
S: “yes I will. I don't know when where how or who but ill figure it out”
Dr: make it an Ellen gig [Ellen Degeneres tie in? I don't get this]
FM: “ya, ya, nice” lol “Sweet”
S: Then I will sleep over Frankie's house and we will cook some steak. “he can introduce me to any, I don't know....[unintelligible]...girls”
SHOW STAFF Anderson: the shows always end with you staying over the guest's house
DR: especially when its a guy
FM: lol
S: why did you pick Atlantic to race in?
FM: it is physically and mentally demanding, NASCAR is for old people who retired from Atlantic/Indycar

A caller talks about homelessness and drugs and sex
S: I would just give the homeless a dollar. but I would not pay 5 dollars in exchange for [vulgarity]. Never
FM: lol
S: Frankie?
FM: no
S: even if you were single
FM: lol “no definitely not”
S: even if you were drunk?
FM: “I don't drink”
Dr: there are no circumstances for that
S: what if you were horny and single?
FM: “no. I do alright. so...”
S: “HAHA I know you do Frankie! Ive seen you out there, by the way man! Frankie is driving Sunday.” [ sudden change of topic!]
FM: yes [he talks about the Long Beach Grandprix] I want to finish in the top 10 this year. That would be great for someone in their 3rd year of racing. Im against guys who been doing this all their life, since gokarts. This isnt just where people fool around
S: and you are from Jersey, what they know about racing in Jersey?
FM: I know lol

Talking with a caller, the movie 'Showgirls' comes up. Frankie finds it funny they mixed up the name with 'Golden Girls'

A young male caller worries about lack of bedroom performance.
S: Frankie you have any tips?
FM:”I don't know. I don't have that problem, so.”
S: good, well you are older and more wise. But in your Malcolm in the Middle heyday?
DR: Think about how scared you are driving the Atlantic car?
FM: “way back in the day....umm. I don't know just relax. Try to enjoy the moment. Try to please her, not just yourself.”
S: “I'm surprised he has a girlfriend, he isn't that smooth.”[The caller]
DR and S gives some additional advice

Dr gives advice to a teen girl getting abused
S: she was breathing so heavy into the phone. do you breath as hard in the racecar?
FM: 1 hour race 170 heart beats per minute the whole time “its insane”
DR: 170!? whats so intense? Just holding the wheel?
FM: like 3-4 G forces physically demanding... i put on 20 lbs the past year lifting, run 5 miles a day. you get used to it “my neck grew 2 inches last year just from holding up my head, which is kind of cool”
S: “so you are taller now?”
FM “ no I just have a wide neck”

FM: he talks about how IndyCar does ovals, Atlantic Championship only does road courses. The recent Champcar/ Indycar merger may cause him to change plans therefore and do some oval races in the future. “I don't know if that is something I want to do yet. Its kinda, its pretty dangerous.”
[The injury and death rate is much higher]

S: Frankie killed on Malcolm in the Middle. Do you remember how you got it?
FM: [tells a long story] I was 13. didn't even want to audition for the show and didn't care about it because he was excited to film a Pizza Hut commercial the same day. His mom drove him to NYC for the audition and he got sent out to L.A. “ a superfast process” he barely even read the script. Changed his life forever.
S: where you homeschooled?
FM: yes I was homeschooled by then, since 5th grade, because I was already doing a lot of theater ect. I moved back and forth a lot between North Carolina and Jersey/NYC I ended up missing much and got kicked out so had to homeschool

S:the celebrity/pro race at Long Beach you got to go back and race again as a pro this time?
FM: yes. As a pro you you start 30 seconds back and I still passed 8 or 9 celebrities on the first lap.
S: I want to get in on that
FM: you have to train, ill teach you.
S: So acting is retired, on hold what?
FM: I would like to say retired but can't. “I'm so caught up on racing, want to dedicate all my time to it.” “Taking it serious, I want to be known as a race car driver.”
S: What if in the middle of the racing season you got offered a great part? A network offered you a show guaranteed money, a hundred episodes , you are the #1 star its called “Frankie outside the Box”. “Would you take it?”
FM: “No”
S: You wouldn't take it!
FM: “If I told you some of the things I had turned down , to continue my racing, in the last 3 years, you would probably kill me. Because a lot of people in my family have tried to.”
S: like what?
FM: “I don't even want to say.”
S:just give me one!
FM: “I cant even say”
DR: Mom, mom of course wants to kill him.
S: im sure
FM: “Its big, big, big movies. You know, I was an actor. I enjoyed it, but now I'm the happiest I have ever been in my whole life.”
DR: “He would have been in Superbad, all that stuff.”
S: “Raider of the lost Ark! The new one. What else has been out there?”
[Speed Racer?]
S: ok how about this, you get offered a movie to have a threesome with...lets see...
DR: hes not going to anwser that
FM: ”Racing is my life!”
S: “Rubin is Racing!” [NASCAR slogan]

A caller asks about bestiality in Mexican resorts
S: Frankie you know about this?
FM: no haven't heard anything about that
caller: is it real?
S: ive heard about it, thats all
FM: There was a “documentary” I saw where a guy was killed by a horse.
Dr: you guys know to much about this
S: Don't go to a donkey show. What about a cock fight, would you got one of those?
FM: nah
S: “what if the cocks were racing?”
FM “sure”
S: I would go to a weiner dog race, I owned one once
FM: “I did too, my dog's name was PorkChop.”
DR: can we please just call it a Datsun?
FM: lol
S: “no, thats for people that go to Dog shows, Drew, and you know how I feel about dog shows”
DR: “God, what would Dr Freud say about all this?”
S: “I'm so comfortable in this skin”

S:where do you race
FM: all over north America. Mostly near and in major cities. it isn't rural backwoods [like you might expect in oval tracks and NASCAR]
FM: there are 11 races this season, this my 3rd year,
S: if you crash is it a big deal?
FM: they can fix it but its expensive, even for minor damage
S: Frankie races the #41 PCM Mazda Swift with Cooper Tires
S: see how good I am mentioning the sponsor if I won the race?
FM: I need some names I can say in my interviews.
S: do you?
FM: “yes...so if anyone wants to sponsor me”

S: can you kick Patrick Dempsey's ass?
FM: YES. First I beat him in the celebrity race. Now he is in the Rolex GT series [professional sedan race]. “Someone from a magazine asked him, 'do you think you can beat Frankie?' and he talked smack about me. I went to his turf, in his cars I wasn't familiar with and “my first time in the car first time on the track, he had been doing it all year. I finished 2nd he was like 27th. It wasn't even a competition” Maybe im bragging about myself a little bit, but it felt really good. “I want people to know I'm for real”.
S: im glad to know you can kick his ass
FM: “Me too, I would have been pretty depressed if I lost to McDreamy”
S: “If you lose to McDreamy, that aint good”
crew man Anderson: Stryker, you would be jealous and excited if you were in my shoes. Mcdreamy goes to my gym
S:”what does that mean?”
Crew man Anderson: “you like the Blue Eyed guys.”
S: “why you guys busting my chops?”
DR: “you invited yourself over to have dinner and sleep over!”
S: “You guys are funny man. Alright fine, I like him”

A caller asks about Max Mosley scandal
FM: He is president of the FIA, the rulemaking body for motorsports. A TMZ style expose caught the 70 year old guy dressed as a Nazi, with prostitutes, but he wont resign.

S: Frankie was in Agent Cody Banks. I saw that on an airplane. You were saving people's lives.
FM: “ya pretty badass”
S: “You did some stunts in that movie! oh no you weren't doing them?”
FM: “ I actually did almost all of there, there were just a few things I couldn't do. I tried to, I wanted to, I hate it when you know it cuts to a stunt double and you can always tell.”
S” ya some guy like 6'2” doing your stunts”
FM “exactly.” There was a Family Guy episode where Stewey jumps out a window and it cuts to a shot of like a 50 year old fat guy.
S: yes I know 100%, we reference family guy on the show a lot, Seth Mcfarlane comes on.
FM: “nice”
[This is ironic, MITM is generally high quality but one technical blunder in the episode Halloween, Malcolm jumps through the kitchen window and almost the same thing happens, it is like a 6”2 dude dressed as Frankie it isn't him]

FM: discusses some activities for visitors at the Long Beach Grand Prix
DR: You had let slip that Oval was more dangerous then street racing? Why it doesn't seem intuitive?
FM: on a road course you accelerate and brake and turn. Most accidents happen on the corners. Even if you are doing 185, you brake first for the corners to say 70 for the turn. On an oval there is no braking to turn so If you have an accident you actually crash at 230 MPH without slowing first. Its dangerous. All racing is dangerous, but
DR: people think the technology protects you but if you decelerate from 230 to 0 your Aorta could rip apart, because even if you stop your insides are still moving, your brain could bleed
FM: “just driving the car you feel like you have hit a wall”

a caller asks about the Fast and Furious Jetta
FM: Yes I have it in my driveway if you would like to buy it
caller: is it fast?
FM not at all. It was done up as a showcar for the movie with Tv's and playstations and stuff inside that slows down the car.
S: I hear there are making another Fast and Furious would like to be in one of those?
FM: not really, I'm racing cars
S: “ 'Cut' Frankie you have to slow down.”

Dr gives a advice to a caller trying to figure out intimacy with his girlfriend
S: “Did you ever figure out the whole puzzle Frankie? That puzzle down there?
FM: “umm, figured it out a few times.”
S: “ha Frankie in the Middle”

S: do the other drivers want to run you off the road? Do you get that feeling?
FM: At first, not anymore. The first time I was in the paddock everyone was staring at me like 'why is he here'? They were raised doing this so if they fail they have nothing. “To see some actor kid come in, at first people said stuff to me like 'You don't belong here, blah blah blah'.” But now ive proved myself, i'm competitive, I beat some guys so.
S: so you started in the celebrity race but now you are in with all professionals, how much for the winner?
FM: like $35,000, pretty decent
S: are you always looking for sponsors
FM: yes
S: we have to get a LoveLine hat on you how much will that run us?
FM: we could do that for 2Million
S: lets see 2 hours of radio promotion how much is that worth?
S: next year we are getting on the hood of Carl Edwards car
FM: How about next year you are on sidepod of Frankie Muniz's car in the Indianapolis 500? Carl Edwards come on? He already has Claritin and Office Depot.
S: hes a friend of the show, as are you now.
DR: he's taking you to the Indy 500
S: I want Indy. But you have to get top 10 in points in your series. [this year] Would that make it a lock to get in IndyCar?
FM: If im top 5 yes
S: Then we are going to Indianapolis with LoveLine on the side of the car!
Dr: we'll join you there
FM: you can join me for Long Beach next year
Dr: he'll be racing in Long Beach next year!
S: Im racing in that sucker next year
Can I email you or text you throughout the season to see how you are doing?
S: I want to go to the Indy 500 and the Kentucky Derby and the Daytona 500
FM you are a huge NASCAR fan huh?
DR: now you are morphing him, when he rides in your car it is over
FM: you will never look at NASCAR again

Dr Drew talks about addiction and the celebrity rehab show

S: one movie you were in that was good people need to watch was “My Dog Skip”. “That was a really good movie”
Was that filmed before Malcolm?
FM: Yes, it was filmed 2 years before but it came out after
S: so you were getting work well before Malcolm?
FM: its been nonstop from when I was 8 until I decided I wanted to be a race car driver.
S: but mom doesn't get 10% of the race car money? Was she your manager?
FM: “Yes, but not in the Dina Lohan way. She just drove me where I needed to be and talked to the agents since I didnt care. She was always super supportive. She never let me spend a penny and even money that I gave her, she still has.”
S: does she live out here?
FM: she moved back to Jersey. I bought my first house when I was 16 and she was bored so she went home to with my sister.
S: is your sister in the buisiness?
FM no
S: ever had a lesson?
FM never took an acting class
S: there are waiters in Hollywood that are so jealous of you
FM: I don't think I'm a good “actor”. I'm just being a person and I just said the words how I would say them. I did what the director wants, and that works.
S: “and you are a handsome man, but man, you were are cute little guy, there is a picture of you”
FM lol
DR lol
S: “no, really look there is a picture”
DR: “it's all good”
S:” look at that”
FM: “ ...loves little boys...”
S: “nah nah im not Michael Jackson”
[NOTE: the above story actually indicates he was 'discovered' twice, totally separately]

technical difficulties with the mic, feedback
S: what is that noise?
FM: I think it is me
S: are your headphones really loud
FM: yes but I have them all the way down and it is so loud
S: its 2 channels, why didnt you say anything an hour ago
S: is that better?
FM: yaaaah whew
DR this guy can stand 4G's. screaming in his ear doesn't bother him
FM I play the drums
what kind of music do you like?
FM: I like anything, not a specific type.
FM: “Manchester Orchestra”
FM I used to listen to rock rap before the races to get pumped up but it didn't help me. Now I listen to slow love songs, it helps you relax.
S: “you cant choke the wheel”
FM:You have to relax and let your body feel that car so you know what it is doing”

S: most people have 1 thing they are good at and can do good in life. I would have liked to have been a guitarist or race cars but who has time when you have to work for a living? There are certain amount of things you can do in life and the others you just have to accept you cant
DR thats called accepting reality
DR you have to be happy with where you are in life
DR people end up acting these things out through their kids
DR: remember I wanted to sing opera
[FM, who seems NOT bound by the above reality the rest of us face, remains silent on this.]

Dr: we are going to be rooting him for him so next year we can go to Indianapolis 500
S: I want you to come back on the show next year and well see how you did this year
FM ya sure
S after Carl came on he won 3 of the next 5 races [NASCAR]
Fm well i hope i win 3 races
DR but the magic potion was you got to ride in Carl's car
S im a good luck charm
FM you would be behind me looking into the back of my helmet
S: oh its like a snow mobile!
FM: I rode as a passenger once, its really scary when you arent in control
S would you be careful though?
FM “NO, I would scare you to death.”
FM going from 175 mph and braking into the turn and being only an inch from the wall.
FM “It is insane. And nobody gets that. And everyone is like oh I drive. I know how to drive.”
DR “this is something different”
FM “seriously, its narly, and when you experience that you will have a whole new respect for open wheel race car drivers”
SHOW CREW Anderson: Imagine if you die during that
FM: “but its a rock star way to go out!”
S: “But im not driving! Malcolm in the Middle is driving me!”
DR: he is a professional driver now
S: I would do it
SHOW CREW anderson: “ I think it would work good with you sitting behind him whispering sweet nothings into his ear, and he would drive faster and faster trying to get away from you!”

S: is there anyway people who dont live in SoCal can watch the race?
FM: yes its tape delayed on ESPN the next day, also streamed live on the website
[actually the schedule changed and it yet to be broadcast and wasn't streamed]
S: are there announcers for the race and everything?
FM: yes its on ESPN which is pretty cool

DR: we were talking about wild animals near our houses, anything near you Frankie?
FM: I livein the Hollywood hills, no not much. squirrels.
FM: actually a baby squirrel jumped on my leg and was super sweet, fell asleep in my hand. It lived in my house for 2 weeks and then would always come back near the window but now its gone.
[Is that real? That sounds like some BS to make ladies go “oooohhhh” HAHA]
S: All right we have to wrap this up, squirrel lover.
DR: maybe it was a robot Disney sent over or something, to keep an eye on you
S: be sure to watch Frankie in the race, it was great to meet you come back soon
FM: Thank you so much it was great to meet you too, thank you thank you


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No problem. Surprised no one has comment. There is some funny stuff in there. I thought the exchange about him having a wide neck was hilarious. I guess he is used to being made fun of after the writers on Malcolm beat up on him for 7 years.


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That would be such a fun car to drive!

I have no problem at all admitting Im jealous. It is hard to get into racing. You kinda need a pile of money and free time just to get started and you still might fail.

On anoter note, ever since I listened to the interview above there was something in the back of my head that thought "Frankie says Relax" was somehow significant. I finally figured out why, that was a vulgar pop culture phenomenon from 1983 which I could not figure out until I did a search and read here


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Relax! Don't do it! :D

Everyone knows that song here.