I Spy: MITM Version


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Hey, here is the brand new I Spy: MITM Version! Hope everyone enjoys this!
Ok, Ill get it started. Try to name either the episode OR the character the i spy pertains to:

I spy with my little eye....a shiny blue jumpsuit!


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I Spy with my little eye...a mailmain running from a barking dog. (Actually, I sort of hear the mailman.)


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I don't even remember what I was referring to guys, this was posted a year and a half ago! :D It coulda been less literal, like when Reese was barking at the mailman after his incident with the pack of dogs in the S7 episode whose name escapes me at the moment. It coulda been a few other eps too. I really don't remember.


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This fat kid could be Kevin (from ep. 1.04, shame), beaten by Malcolm because he took the last slices of pizza and made fun of him.


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i have no idea what that could be
that, maybe due to the fact i have only seen season 1 and 6 and some episodes from season 3
but i think thats because MITM isnt so popular here in The Netherlands