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Hi everyone!! I'm Wildcat. I used to be a very active member and moderator many years ago (Around 2005, 2006, I think?) I was just thinking of this forum and was curious to see if it was still here. I'm so happy that it is and still has recent posts! That goes to show that a great show like MITM never dies. :) Life happens and I lost touch, but I wanted to check in and say hi to new members and see if any of the old members are still hanging around and what they're up to - Yardgames, TJPeople, RyeBeach and many others whose screen name escapes me right now (sorry!), but I will know if I see them. As for me, I am now a high school teacher and married with kids. Wow, things have really changed, huh? I still love MITM - although I can't seem to find it on syndication. Does anyone know what channel it comes on in the states? Talk to you guys soon.
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Wow it has been AGES! Nice to see you post!

I have Yardgames (Sam) on Facebook but he hasn't been active here for a long time. No idea about RyeBeach.

Yeah I've committed to keeping the site online and not letting the content get lost! But the site does need a design refresh overall. I'm always on the look out for people who are interested in volunteering time to help do that.


Hi Wildcat,

Good to see a once very active member back online again! Though I must admit it's a bit hazy now - I registered in 2004, was not really involved, until I re-registered 7 years ago and became quite active again, keeping the site as much alive and kicking as we can at the moment.

Yes, how time flies ....

I guess MITM is still streaming on Netflix now, according to some reports extended till 2017:


The show may also turn up on TeenNick, where it's still listed, though not in the current TV schedule section.

It's still showing on Comedy Central Family Netherlands - you may want to check that out ;) It's even included in promotional spots.

Even Polish Comedy Central got in on the act, until recently, apparently. Zwariowany świat Malcolma, no less!

We also have a Russian remake, that's right, not dubbed, but a culturally-adapted re-enactment! :w00t:

If you have some region-free DVD hardware or software at your disposal, you may also invest in the British, French or even Australian and German MITM DVD sets from the various Amazon branches! Fortunately, this line of business has magically sprung back to life over the past few years, but not without facing major music and distribution rights hurdles, especially on the part of the British (Fabulous Films) and French (Showshank) companies.


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Hi and welcome back. :)
I only registered recently (as compared to you), so I don't think we actually know each other. But it is still interesting to see fans around here. ;)


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Welcome back all the same, hope you're still active since it's been a year since you last made this post