Frankie Muniz's (Malcolm) 'Stay Alive' Game?


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<img src="" title="Frankie Muniz in Stay Alive" alt="Frankie Muniz in Stay Alive" align="left" height="152" hspace="5" vspace="5" width="201" /><a href="" title="Source" target="_blank"></a> have had a steady stream of comments on one of their posts about a possible <a href="" title="Wikipedia: Stay Alive" target="_blank">Stay Alive</a> (Horror movie starring <a href="" title="Frankie Muniz (Malcolm)">Frankie Muniz</a>) video game. Currently it's all rumours nothing solid, but there has been a lot of interest since DVD release with people wanting to get their hands on the actual video game, which comes to life and kills various shrieking protagonists in the movie.
[the game] doesn't exist, unfortunately - though one commenter does point out a <a href="">Yahoo Video Games post</a>, explaining that movie co-creators William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman and Epic's Cliff Bleszinski "...created a game design document for a Stay Alive game. While the game only exists as CGI in the movie, which was done by Pixel Liberation Front, the team does have a real game design document that they can use for a second film.
I'm not holding my breathe - as much as I would like to help Frankie escape death! See the movie trailer below.

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It seems unlikely to me. They always try to release the games at the same time as the movie, why would it suddenly be in the works now after a year? Maybe if there was a sequal to the movie then they would release a game but I'm not sure Stay Alive made enough money to geta sequal made. It had a low budget in the first place and Frankie probably only did because he wanted a non-kids role.


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It was considered a Box office success - so a sequel is possible...but I doudt it.


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The thing is even if it was a success and made a profit it was still a low budget movie. Plus they won't be able to get Frankie back for a sequal and many of the other characters died. Without the first one being a blockbuster and without Frankie returning I don't see either a sequal or a video game happening.


In my opinion, I don't see a video game coming to fruition. Too much time has passed since the film was released. I think it would have been a good idea to have the game up and ready to coincide with the theatrical, or even the DVD release. I think a game would have been very profitable at that time. At this point, I can't see it happening. The film did not earn enough at the box office to warrant a sequel, in my opinion. That, coupled with the fact that Disney (parent company of Stay Alive's distributor, Hollywood Pictures) has cut down on the number of theatrical releases per year, due to budget constraints, makes it very unlikely.


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How well do most video games based on movies go over anyway? It seems like they're always very stale; I mean frankly I would rather sit on my butt and watch a movie than have to play through it myself!


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Sounds cool, but like everyone else said it seems unlikely to happen after so much time. If I remember correctly, Frankie didn't have a whole lot of face time / speaking parts in the movie so he probably would get much face time in the game either. And he would be the only reason that I'd want to play it.

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That's a ridiculous visor!

And I wouldn't really play a game like that for several reasons. First of all, I know what happened in the movie and don't want to replay that all over again. Secondly, I don't really play games like that.

The movie was alright, but it certainly doesn't need a sequel and probably won't be getting one.