Francis and Dewie are the same person


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The relationship between Francis and Dewey is one of the most solid relationship in the family.

not really in the earlier seasons...they barely interacted prior to season 6 (that 1 season 5 episode aside...)

anyways, interesting theory, but it's hard for me to imagine that Dewey is, um, a young Francis time-traveling forward when we've seen the story of his birth, as well as at least 1 flashback of a Dewey-aged Francis (in "No Motorcycles") who looked nothing like Dewey...

Dewey Muhammadov

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You are right Cadet, I used the wrong words, maybe the most "positive" is what I am looking for!!!. I don't feel any negativity between them, also it seems Dewey is worshiping Francis in Season 1, he is the older cool brother.