For Those of you who are fans of The Wonder Years (SPOILER ALERT)


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To start this thread off basically I want to share my feelings about how the series ended and as I’ll mention I’m quite happy about it but if it were to have continued I have a theory to present. All comments on the show in general are of course welcome!

To start this, I’m a HUGE fan of The Wonder Years (recently got into the show meaning the last two months) (my favorite tv show used to be Breaking Bad and then Malcolm in the Middle at 3rd place) but I feel TWY is more relatable and very real and has a good balance of drama/comedy) so I personally like how the show ended (spoiler ALERT) and I don’t mind that Winnie and Kevin didn’t end up together and that Jack also died a year after Kevin graduated high school. This ending is very true to life despite being a bit hard to swallow or accept for some.

But I do have an idea for an alternate ending in which Kevin divorces his current wife after a heated arguement (he accidentally brings up Winnie) that their only son overhears to the dismay of Kevin. Because of this he realizes that despite his love for his wife he will always have a place for Winnie in his heart and feels that he must find her and reconcile with her and marrying her in the end. This scenario in which Kevin looks for Winnie in Paris after he last visited her a few months back. I feel if they made a sort of continuation or movie that this could be a route that they could go or maybe Kevin and Winnie remain good friends. Just wondered about this and what you guys think. Realistically though I don’t think the show should or needs to continue and that the ending we know works well and despite them not being together which actually makes sense as Winnie and Kevin had broken up several times throughout the show, that and I feel that ‘the Wonder years’ really only lasts between the ages of about 11-17 which the show explores. I feel this is why we see a more dramatic change in the characters and storylines season 5 and onwards as a way to reflect the changes in age and growing up as a whole.

Sorry for the long comment needed to get a lot of info out. Please leave comments on how you feel about what I said and about the show in general.