Find a theme song for...


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The objective of this activity is to find a theme song that best suites a: character (ex: Malcolm, Hal, etc.), episode ('Pilot', 'Graduation', etc., group/pair of people (The Wilkersons, The Krelboyne), just about anything that you can describe with music from MITM! You can pick as many as you want to do. Have fun!
Francis's theme song would be 'Troublemaker' by Weezer. First of all, in the beginning, it goes something like "Put me in a special school, cause I'm such a fool...". It pretty much describes how Francis was sent to military school for misbehaving. The chorus repeats itself by saying "I'm a troublemaker, Never been a faker. Doin' things my own way and never giving up. I'm a troublemaker, not a double-taker. I don't have the patience to keep it on the up." Of course, Francis is a troublemaker ;) and I guess he's not a faker. I mean, his schemes are pretty interesting, like driving the golf cart into a swimming pool with his brothers, or getting toilet seats from the junk yard! In addition, he does things his own way, aka, he dislikes it when people tell him what to do, like when Lois told him not to get piercings, but he did anyway.