Fantasy TV America


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I admit that I haven't been paying much attention to you guys lately. This is my reason.

You can create your own station, manage it... the possibilities are endless! ...within reason. The site is in repair, so you'll be taken to the blog page. For now, anyway. Site is up and revamped. (Look for me - I'm Loneguy Media)


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sounds very very interesting... but what exactly can be shown on this tv station we create?

on a side note, I always wanted to run my own local tv station. my favorite would be running a 24/7 music-video-only channel ;D


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SWEET! But two questions-
-Is it free?
-Is it real, eg, if you make a channel, will it actually go on TV?


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You just go to the forum and where ever you see 'register', you just click on and follow the directions. You can look around the site for more information, too.


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I warn you though, Alex, that the service on that site is SLOOOOOOOOOOOW. I registered Thursday night and I am still waiting for approval.