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<img src="http://www.malcolminthemiddle.co.uk/gallery/data/680/Frankie-Muniz-Stargate-Promo-2009-MITMVC.jpeg" alt="" hspace="5" vspace="5" align="left" /> That's right! We are giving you, the fans a chance to submit questions to be answered by Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) himself. Similar to way we did it<a href="http://www.malcolminthemiddle.co.uk/2008/03/18/exclusive-erik-per-sullivan-answers-your-questions/"> with Erik Per Sullivan earlier in the year</a>. Lets call this a New Year gift!

Frankie is currently preparing for his 2009 racing season. He is now the brand ambassador for the <a href="http://www.stargateworlds.com/">new Stargate Worlds game</a> and they are going to be a major racing sponsor for 2009. More on this soon.

Please note, we will do our best to pass along as many questions as we can to Frankie but we cannot guarantee an answer to every one. But you will stand a better chance the earlier you post it.
You need to <a href="http://www.malcolminthemiddle.co.uk/forum/register.php">sign up (for free) to our site</a> and post your questions in this FORUM thread.</strong>

Happy New Year to all!

sandra muniz

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hey frankie!
do you have a myspace account? and if yes, is it myspace.com/frankiemunizracing? bacause it uses the same address as your official site and it pretends to be you.
much love


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Hi, will you be doing any big screen movies soon? And is there a chance of Malcolm in the middle having another season?


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Do you watch Malcolm in the Middle?

Did you always want to go into acting before Malcolm in the Middle?

What's your favourite show at the moment?

Are you like your character - Malcolm?


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First of all, thank you for this opportunity to ask Frankie my questions :D
i wanted to ask him if he is still in touch with the cast and crew of MITM,
and if he has any upcoming projects.

Thanks again :p


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Has the ending of Champ Car disrupted your plans? Is your goal now to drive the IRL? If so, do you have a plan to gain any experience on ovals or do you prefer to stay in the IMSA sphere and perhaps do American Lemans?

Did you ever have a chance to meet Paul Newman and is he someone you would like to emulate? It seems you are perhaps on a similiar course in life.


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I really liked you in agent cody banks!:) Whats your favorite and least favorite episode from the show?


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Hey Frankie, I am a huge fan of the show. Two questions:

1. Malcolm seemed to get more cynical as the show went on. Were you in support of this?

2. Who is your favorite non-regular character in the series?


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Is it true that you are considering forming your own Atlantic team for the 09 season? What is your connection with Inexxcess Racing?
One final question; what do you think of the new F2 series?


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- Do you have any plans to go back to acting, as in, have you set yourself a goal or dateline where by you will return to acting?

- Do you foresee a time in the (hopefully not too distant) future where the cast of Malcolm in the Middle would do a reunion show/project?


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A lot of good questions already! :thumbup: A couple I would like to ask...

What is your favorite memory of being part of Malcolm in the Middle?

You've been successful both acting and racing. Which would you say you were more naturally talented at?

Thanks! :D


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You seem to have handled being famous at a young age very well, and have not experienced the problems that some child stars go through. What would you attribute this to?
Do you have any further ambitions outside of motor racing, or is this likely to be your focus for the foreseeable future?
What are your favourite TV shows, other than MITM?
Is there anyone you particularly admire or would like to work with if you were to do more TV or movie work?
I heard you play golf and basketball. Do you have any other hobbies or interests/things you like to do in your spare time?
Oh and tell him he should grow back his mohawk, it looked cool:D


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-I see that you like to play basketball (and fairly good at it) so... What is your favorite team in the NBA?
-What was your funniest scene from MITM?


Hi Frankie,

Q1: When is your movie coming out to cinemas?
Q2: Is it possible for you to comercialize the serie "Malcolm in the Middle" in Blu-Ray or DVD?
Q3: Could you give the fans an autograph (scanned)?

I loved the serie.

Sorry for those questions, but they are the one's I've really wanted to ask him someday.:wub:


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1. Frankie, what was the deal with one-off character, Egg(Dewey's friend)?

2. Frankie, if Malcolm in the Middle had continued, what possible storylines might we have seen?

3. Were there any really good storyline or episode ideas that ended up being cut from the show?


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Any advice

hey frankie i just wanted to ask you some thing im from england im not going to ask you questions that you have probably answered before do you have any advice to younger people who may want to do what you do thanks very much send bk :)

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Dear Frankie,

Thanks for putting up with everything you've been through mediawise. I really mean it.

I would really like to know what kind of music you listen to. My life revolves around it. I'd be so psyched if you were into Queens of the Stone Age like me.


kally lynn

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What are your plans for 2009? Any big movies or races?

Also, do you have any information on Frankie's 2009 racing season?
I would really like to know the dates & locations.
So post them, if you know anything please!
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