Erik Per - Past and Present


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First of all this is just doing a comparison and likes nothing else.

When Erik was small (in the show MITM) he had a great look as a kid, but now looks awful no disrespect but, please do see this pics;

Spoiler for Before and After:

Spoiler for Erik and his gf (MOD EDIT: This is not Erik):

It's hard to believe he gained a big nose and a big head, also he got a hot gf which I find hard to believe, I envy.

Still if they ever do a new MITM episode "Malcolm", "Resee" and the others look great, but "Dewey" aka Erik doesn't fit because his look changed, and would mess up the show.

MOD EDIT: The "present" photo is not Erik as detailed below
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The second picture is not Erik. Google (and other places) have made a mistake in associating that picture with Erik. Its because of this post

That photo was taken in 2004, and is of a guy who attended a premiere, that Dewey also attended, as you can see from the post, Erik is in some of the other pictures.

MITM_Fan - You can attach images to a post, and then people can click to enlarge.

The newest picture of Erik I have seen is probably the one attached from around 2007. Erik has since then stayed out of the public eye, he will have of course grown up since then, so really we don't know what he looks like these days.