Dance style from "bomb shelter" [Answered]


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in the episode "bomb shelter" Malcom dances twice to the song "Sway" by Micheal Buble.

Does anybody know what this style of dancing is called?

Is this mambo?

Many thanks!


Hi there Morgon!

Yes, you are right this is a mambo! It was originally a Spanish song written in Mexico in 1953 called "¿Quién será?" (Who will be (the one who wants me) etc.). It was translated into English by Norman Gimbel a year later for Dean Martin.

Here's the original Spanish version, sung by Nelson Pinedo:

By the way, if you don't know about this yet, the exhaustive Malcolm France site features a great jukebox, where you can choose all known songs from the series soundtrack!

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Thanks for mentioning the jukebox (I did not know about that) though it seems the definite reference is

The latter also mentions a few yet to be identified songs but for the known songs the two seem to agree.
Yes, you're absolutely right about that. All of the identified songs come from Joe G.'s site you mentioned. Even Julie Glaze Houlihan herself, MITM's music supervisor, helped to identify a number of them on this site!

People can always mail him with other solutions, of course, if this still works (I know the site and its provider have had problems). This is just an image to avoid personal data harvesting: