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I had to post this...

I just watched this amazing film called Crash with an all star cast. The film is totally mind blowing!! Its about all these people whos lives are linked by their steroticical views on race, that have to some extent become extremist views. The film is so well done that even though it is set in L.A you can imagine it anywhere in the world. Anyway the film is so amazing as it takes extreme and harsh actions for these people to realises that they are not different and are unhappy with themselves and their views. Its a must see guys!! :D Its totally moving on so many levels, see it for youselves and let me know what you think


I rented it many months ago and it was a very good film. It actually won an academy award for Best Film of 2005, just a couple of weeks ago. Can't say that I agree with that but that discussion is for another time and another thread.;)

I will say though that Crash was a very powerful and moving film with an outstanding cast and storyline. It's one that's so different that there is just no comparing it to other films out there, in my opinion. The acting was crisp and the direction sharp. Even though it had a rather large cast, it did a great job of interwining all the storylines and characters in such a way that it felt very real. There were many surprises throughout and I did enjoy it.


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Ive heard it was a good one, but I haven't seen it yet. Is it good enough to rent/buy? I might rent it this Friday if you all say it's good. And yeah, THANKFULLY, Crash did defeat stupid ass Brokeback Mountain to win the Oscar. I was sure glad about that!:D


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@ blinddevil, I totally see your point that in someways it could promotes racism, it just depends on how you watched the film, as everyone sees films in a different way:) . Although it does have the sterotypicial view of a black gangsta, the film shows that it's just that, a sterotypical view. But the fact that Chris Bridges (think thats his name) "Luducris" plays one of the sterotypical charactors would have, in my opinion the opposite effect of promoting racism and the sterotypicial view.

I surpose in my defence in seeing the film as moving, I would have to say that it was because to me it felt like although the film did have a strong racial theme throughout it was handled incredible well, and to me I felt that it was sending out a message to try and banish sterotypical views.