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Hello everyone, long time no see! :) Have you guys heard about the alternate ending for Breaking Bad? I didn't see an article about it until today and it's such a shame that the YouTube video is blocked (in the U.S. at least). Nevertheless, it was great to hear Bryan Cranston and Jane Kaczmarek work together again.


It can be viewed here now, on the Malcolm-France site:

It thought it was brilliant, Jane and Bryan are still so familiar with their roles, they play off each other so well, it fits like a glove.

And Bryan is such a versatile actor, he can apparently instantly switch from cold-eyed killer to the Hal-mode of bewildered weakling.

It's like watching Breaking Bad outtakes, where Bryan would fool around sometimes to break the tense atmosphere and dark subject matter. Remember Aaron Paul called Bryan 'the most professional and immature person I've met in my entire life' at the Hollywood Star ceremony?

I guess this sums it up perfectly.



'Breaking Bad' alternate ending is also a Bob Newhart tribute!

I found this out from a couple of references on YouTube videos. I haven't seen any Bob Newhart shows, but it's uncanny, really.

There were initially two series of Bob Newhart shows, from September 1972 to September 1978, and a second one from October 1982 to September 1990. This was simply called Newhart.

In the first run, Bob played a psychologist, and Suzanne Pleshette was his wife Emily.

In the second series, Bob was an innkeeper, married to Joanna, played by Mary Frann.

The second series' finale, aired in 1990, showed Bob waking up from a bad dream, next to ... his first wife Emily (again played by Suzanne Pleshette) on the old set!

Here it is:

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Hi Guys, does anyone know the German version of Alternate Ending from Breaking Bad i search it trough the internet but only found English and one with mexican sub.

That would the best you can do for a poor little german Mitm Fan :p


I don't think I can help you with a full translation, but this is a description from Stern:

Das Video beginnt mit Walter White, der einen Dealer auffordert: "Sag meinen Namen!" "Heisenberg", antwortet dieser kleinlaut. Was der glatzköpfige, ziegenbärtige Meth-Koch mit einem kühlen "Da hast du verdammt nochmal recht" quittiert. Im nächsten Moment schreckt der gleiche Mann aus einem Albtraum hoch. Diesmal allerdings mit vollem Haar und ungestutztem Bart - wie Walter am Ende der Serie. Als er ängstlich nach der Frau neben sich tastet, streckt jedoch nicht die blonde Skyler den Kopf unter der Decke hervor, sondern die brünette Lois, gespielt von Jane Kaczmarek. Denn Walter ist in Wahrheit Hal.

"Ich war dieser Weltklasse-Chemiker und kochte ultrareines Methamphetamin", erzählt er von seinem Traum. Lois lacht ihn aus: "Als wenn du irgendwas kochen könntest." Statt eines abgebrühten Drogendealers liegt hier ein wimmerndes Würstchen im Bett, das sich von seiner Frau anhören muss: "Kaum lässt du dir einen Bart wachsen, glaubst du, du seist Osama Bin Laden." Hal kann seinen Traum kaum fassen. "Das Einzige, was Sinn gemacht hat, war, dass ich die ganze Zeit in Unterhosen rumgelaufen bin."

And some final remarks from

Eine Hintertür haben sich die Macher des Videos, das auch auf der DVD-Box erscheinen soll, dennoch offen gelassen. Denn am Ende des fast vierminütigen Clips schwenkt die Kamera auf einen neben dem Ehebett liegenden Hut – eben jene Kopfbedeckung, die Walter White immer trug, wenn er zu Heisenberg wurde.

Here's the full English dialogue:


Say my name.
You’re goddamn right.

Wake up! Honey! Honey, wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

For the love of criminy, what is it? What’s the matter?

Oh, I just had the scariest dream.

I told you not to eat those deep fried Twinkies.

You don’t understand, you don’t understand, I was – oh…I was this meth dealer.


Yeah. I was this world class chemist and I – and I cooked and I sold this ultra-pure Methamphetamine.

You cooking anything? (laughs)

There was a guy who never spoke – he just – he just rang a bell the whole time. And then now there’s another guy who is – who is a policeman or a DEA Agent and I think he was my brother or something. He looked like the guy from The Shield [= actor Michael Chiklis, who looks a lot like Dean Norris]. And then there was this other little guy was a waif-man-child kid who always looked like he was wearing his older brother's clothes. And he would always say things like: “Hey B – he used the ‘B’ word, he used the ‘B’ word a lot. He would say: “YO B-WORD” YEAH, SCIENCE B-WORD!

[B-word = 'bitch']

Okay, okay, I need you to calm down. Honey just calm down. Calm down.

And then – and then it was me. And I had a shaved head and a goatee and I wore a black hat and the only thing that made sense in the whole dream is I still walked around in my underwear.



If you think that this nightmare is going to keep you from driving the kids to school, this morning you have another think coming.

Oh, I haven’t told you the scariest part.

Okay! What! You got two minutes.

I – I made bombs and poison and then I killed people.

Oh gee – oh come on.

You could not kill somebody.

I know. (sobs)

Ya, I knew this was going to happen. You grow a beard and suddenly you think you’re Osama bin Laden. Wasn’t I there to tell you to knock it off?

No. Some other woman did that. U…right I was married to this tall beautiful blonde.

Ya, well keep dreaming pal.

Oh, oh, god it was so strange.

I know, ok, ok. Go to sleep Scarface.


Now that we’re both up.

Is that you at my back door?

I’m the one who’s knocking.

Honey, Quit poking me with that thing, it’s the middle of the night.

Sorry. [gasps] It was the darnedest thing. Good night Skyler.

Life is unfair.
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