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    For Those of you who are fans of The Wonder Years (SPOILER ALERT)

    To start this thread off basically I want to share my feelings about how the series ended and as I’ll mention I’m quite happy about it but if it were to have continued I have a theory to present. All comments on the show in general are of course welcome! To start this, I’m a HUGE fan of The...
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    The State of MITM VC?

    Thought I would jump start this thread because I’ve become sad with the lack of engadgement between our community for the last few months, most of this is unfortunately due to the lack of news concerning the show and that there may or may not be much to talk about. So I was wondering if anybody...
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    A (probably) Temporary Way to Watch Malcolm in the Middle for FREE

    So just now as of tonight August 30th 2016 (hopefully longer) I just discovered (in my case) an emergency way to watch Malcolm in the Middle for surprisingly free with as far as I can tell there are; no ads, credit card requirements, buffering issues, audio problems, or resolution issues seems...
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    Check out this new show on Netflix.

    So just recently Netflix has released a new TV series in the US and other countries called Stranger Things. I just recently finished watching it about 2 hours ago (at the Time of this post 11:27 PM EST), and it is a fantastic show; great storyline, characters, 80's nostalgia among other great...
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    Bryan Cranston along with Frankie Muniz wants more Malcolm in the Middle!

    Here's the link:
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    Frankie Muniz hinting at 'Malcolm in the Middle' sequel?!

    BREAKING NEWS: Frankie Muniz posted this on Twitter- We need to post this on the homepage we must get the show restarted when I read this I was a thrilled! �� I've been searching the net and other websites have posted articles about...
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    MITM Bloopers

    For anyone who has not had the joy of finding or watching MITM season 1 Bloopers (included with season 1 DVD) well here's your chance on YouTube I found a video containing just over 5 minutes of the mentioned season 1 bloopers, hopefully the video doesn't get taken down too soon as of 6-15-15...
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    Opinions and Updates on when Malcolm in the Middle will come out on DVD in the U.S

    This has been a long running subject but I would like to see if anyone has any idea when the complete series seasons 1-7 will come out including bonus features on either Blu-Ray or DVD in the U.S or other countries. I am aware of the music rights issue and payments and if any has any idea please...