Linwood Boomer and the 'Malcolm in the Middle' cast

Linwood Boomer and the 'Malcolm in the Middle' cast

Linwood Boomer (creator) with Bryan Cranston, Justin Berfield and Frankie Muniz (March 1, 2000). Photograph by Gail Albert Halaban for US Weekly. From
Great! Corbis, of course, it's tagged that way. ;) I never realized that Corbis has a number of official MITM images, some of which we already have as magazine scans and the like. Great source. I wonder if it would be worth it getting the real untagged images, for what price I mean.
Corbis got great picture, Really important they are in highdefinition. there are not much Pictures of Malcolm In The Middle in it, And yes most of the pictures are already on the MITMVC site. Do you know the site Gettyimages alote of great pictures are there to. I really don't know how much you have to paid for those pictures, But I think not much! But I like this behind picture very much with Boomer in it :)
Thanks for the comments! Yes, Gettyimages is a great source too. Actually, we have paid for their MITM-related images, so hopefully they will appear on our site soon - just a matter of time and effort. At any rate, there is no need to upload tagged Getty images right now. In fact, the ones we already have on this site as smaller images or magazine scans will be replaced with the high-definition ones in a while :).

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