Erik Per Sullivan - Twitter Profile Picture

Erik Per Sullivan - Twitter Profile Picture

February 9, 2010 - Erik Per Sullivan Twitter Profile Picture -
I had to do some pretty hard staring and comparing if I’m honest. I’m thinking it is him, I mean, if it’s not him – this dude sure resembles Erik!

I found him through Justin’s Twitter; who I’m certain is him – Justin’s following ‘Erik’ which just leads me to think that he’s the real deal?
Judging by the fact that the genuine Justin Berfield account is following him and the fact that this looks like a very recent picture of Erik that we haven't seen from any other source before, it looks likely to me that this is Erik's genuine account.
You people are FAST! Totally looks like the real deal to me. @JustinBerfield (100% real) is only following a few people. He's friends with other people at USC etc, all adds up.
Yes, it must be real, I also looked at his followers. He looks alarmingly like a friend of mine now ;). It's great to see him all grown up and so relaxed! Of course, it remains up to him if he just wants to lead a normal college life and not be the centre of attention, that's fine with me.

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