Cover of 2x03 Lois's Birthday script

Cover of 2x03 Lois's Birthday script

Found on eBay.
Would like it to have one in my Linwood Boomer collection!
Great To see how the espisode is made first on paper then on every screen! :)

Nice comment! Well, I guess you can bid for it on eBay! ;) They're not too expensive actually, just 8 or 9 dollars at the moment - if it's real offer and not a copy of course. Yes, you can see the script goes through various stages. The pink ones are apparently revised versions.

Have you read a draft version of the pilot script, written by Linwood? You can find it here:

It's interesting to find the differences with the finished product. I guess there will always be considerations of running time (editing), commercial breaks, improvisations that work out better, certain actors or effects being unavailable, censorship etc.

Thanks again for uploading all the great Linwood Boomer pictures! When I have the time, I will put them into a category of their own, with hopefully some more references.



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