Chris Masterson at Premiere of 'Made For Each Other'

Chris Masterson at Premiere of 'Made For Each Other'

December 1, 2009 - Bryant Park Screening Room, New York - With brother Danny. Chris stars as Dan who in a moment of weakness, finds himself in the throws of casual sex with another woman. Dan decides the only way to morally rectify this is, of course, to get his wife to cheat on him and thus he must
Amazing how much they look like each other in this shot. With fuller beards, they could pass for each other. What do you reckon is Chris' real hair colour? Does he dye it for roles, or just for fun, perhaps?
Two of the best looking not to mention coolest brothers ever right there! They look so similar here, if Chris had a fuller beard… yep.

Richiepiep, I think Chris’ natural colour is the slightly ginger tone we’ve seen. Not too sure though.

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Premiere of 'Made for Each Other'
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