Bryan Cranston Malcolm in the Middle-Breaking Bad mash-up

Bryan Cranston Malcolm in the Middle-Breaking Bad mash-up

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"Kid Charlemagne" was the nickname Hal gave himself when he operated a pirate radio station as a student. This is revealed in episode [i]Garage Sale[/i] (4x15). It derives from a 1976 song by Steely Dan.
I’m convinced Bryan is some sort of chameleon. ;) It’s almost hard to believe Hal and Walter are played by the same person. In all seasons of Breaking Bad there were only 2 brief moments (no pun intended) when Walter reminded me of Hal. The most clear one was when he broke the glass of the door in Saul’s office and Saul’s assistant told him how much it would cost. Walt replied with “ARE YOU INSANE?!” and I instantly recalled hearing Hal say that the exact same way in Malcom in the Middle once.
Exactly! I loved reading in Rolling Stone that, even after all these years in the business, Bryan doesn't rely on his routines and experience, let alone his relatively newfound fame, but still takes acting lessons and goes to therapy. In other words, he steadfastly works at his skills and insight into himself and his characters. And it pays off!

And more to the point, you find a lot of 'memes' on Tumblr and vids on YT that work on this startling contrast between Hal and Walter, like this one:

I was surprised to read that too and I admire that. There are so many actors out there who are stuck in their routine(s) that when you go see a movie you see *pick a name* on the screen and not the character they play. I am glad that isn't the case with Bryan. I often go to movies he's in wondering what he will look & sound like this time and it never fails to amaze me.

Haha indeed. Great mash-up. :)

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