Your top 10 TV channels


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My Top 10 channels

Five - Law and Order, CSI, Joey, Two and a Half Men
E4/C4 - Smallville, Scrubs, Friends, Simpsons
ITV2 - 3rd Rock, Spin City
TMF/The Hits - Classic Hits Weekends
Sky News/BBC News 24 - Good News Station
ABC1 - Loads of great US stuff

My most hated channels

Any shopping channels
ITV1! :D


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I cant believe you didnt mention sky one! Thats where the new episodes of mitm are shown!!

(in no particular order)
1.Sky one-mitm, simpsons
2.Movie channels-movies! lol
3.Music channels (especially mtv base)-music, cribs etc...
4.Living tv-America's next top model, charmed
5.Nicktoons- I like cartoons
6.Discovery channel-Only sometimes. I like stuff to do with science
7.Shopping channels- They make me laugh!! The way they advertise some things!
8.bbc1-Holby city
10.Itv-its not that good but sometimes theres the occasional good program on.


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I don't even watch ten channels! Fox for news and MITM; CBS for Survivor and CSI and that's about it.


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Let's see...

1. Fox. MITM, Simpsons, Family Guy(sometimes).
2. History Channel. I will watch almost anything on this one.
3. Discovery Channel. see #2.
4. Fox News Channel. News.
5. And anything that has Marching Band/Drum and Bugle Corps.

That's all I have right now.


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How can you watch Fox News? They're so far to the right it's not even funny. And I'm a Bush supporter. CNN is much better. Or local news.

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When I had cable and there wasn't something specific on that I knew I wanted to watch, I would flip between Comedy Central, Food Network, VH1, and E! to try and find something random. What network channel I watch really just depends on what they are playing that season. I usually end up watching mostly shows on Fox and NBC. Sometimes there's something on CBS or UPN. I haven't liked any of the shows on ABC for years.


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In no particular order...

Fox (Malcolm especially, The O.C., The Simpsons, The War at Home, Idol

NBC (Days of our Lives

SoapNet (Dallas, Knots Landing

Disney Channel (Lizzie McGuire, the Proud Family, That's So Raven, etc.

Nickelodeon (SpongeBob


CablePulse 24, Toronto [online] (CityNews

TV Land (I Love Lucy, Night Court, Good Times, etc.

All I could come up with.

And if I had the Brit Scene...

BBC One (Casualty

Sky News


I watch FOX and the WB the most. FOX for MITM, The OC, Arrested Development, The WB for 7th Heaven and Everwood and the upcoming Supernatural. I'd say CBS is next followed by ABC and finally NBC, which as of recent years just doesn't have the quality shows anymore.

For news, I watch FOX news at 10 and NECN (New England Cable News).

And I've always got the weather channel on, or so it seems. :eek: :D


yardgames said:
How can you watch Fox News? They're so far to the right it's not even funny. And I'm a Bush supporter. CNN is much better. Or local news.
I agree. It can be recieved in UK with the Sky box. So right-wing, it is beyond belief!

Also, the UK version does not show commercials. Instead, during the commercial breaks, we see a mao of the world, with weather stats to the tune of really awful cheesy music.

To anyone reading this in UK that has access to Sky, turn to channel 531 - you'll know what i mean. :)


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I can't believe no-one mentioned Sky Sports News! It's the greatest channel in the history of the world, and Geoff Stelling who presents Soccer Saturday is the second greatest guy to ever live; the greatest if you don't count Hal.:) They repeat the same inconsequential stories about Colchester United's reserve team coach, the World Curling championships, or just idle transfer speculation over and over. You never miss a thing cos they show everything about twenty times, genius! I can't receive it on my Freeview box in Shropshire (bad reception out in the sticks) and i've felt empty all summer. When i go back to uni i'm going to watch it 24-7, and never turn it off, except for MITM obviously. Surely you Brits out there have to agree with me on this.... ok well maybe not, but you don't know what you're missing!:D


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Yeah...I don't have cable, so I don't even have 10 channels. But I watch shows (not regularly though) on all the channels I get.

FOX - MitM, The Simpsons, The Practice reruns, House MD
CBS - 2 (1/2) Men, CSI, King of Queens
NBC - SCRUBS, L&O SVU and Trial by Jury, CSI: Weekends (reruns of CSI original. I didn't make the name up, they really call it that:eek::D), Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien
PBS - BBC World and documetaries
WB - Friends reruns, MitM reruns and a bunch of other reruns
ABC - ok, I lied, I don't watch anything on ABC...well occaisionally Disney movies
UPN - Home Improvement reruns, The Cosby Show reruns
Vague preaching channel the I don't know the name of - nothing at all!!

No, I don't watch that much TV. It's more a list of shows that I have watched in the past or would watch if had time rather than shows that I do watch.


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My favs:
MITM (espicially)
3rd rock from the sun
I like watching Oprah
The simpsons
Family guy
South park
Still standing
The bernie mac show

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