Who is your favorite actor and why?


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Hey guys, I want to know who your favorite actor is of MITM, and not only based on this show. Look at all of the shows and movies that they have been in.

For me, my favorite character is Dewy, a.k.a Erik Per Sullivan. He is not only great actor in MITM, but he also has done great in some of his more serious roles, like MO and Twelve. To me, he is a all around great actor, and I wish that he was still acting.

I also enjoyed him when he was younger in the movie The Cider House Rules, I think I really enjoyed him in that movie because he was that little sick kid. I have really bad asthma my entire life so I guess you could say that I felt really connected to him.

So tell me, who is your favorite actor from the MITM serious?


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for me dewey aka Erik Per Sullivan is the funniest character.In the first season i don't like dewey but now now he is cool and funny. He is so funny in Dewey's dog. :D