What is this....


Who here likes cyptic puzzles? I heard thi one in a pub on Tuiesday, and I thought it was pretty good.

See if anyone here can solve it (try to keep it clean). If not, i shall give the answer in 24 hours from now:

Every guy has one,
Its normal for a woman to take it from a man on her wedding day,
Arnold Schwarzenegger has a long one and Michael J Fox has a short one.


Well done. I guess that one was too easy!

Does anyone else have any others....

In the meantime, I have this one:

Its long and thin,
mainly white and pretty hard.
Its red in parts and shoved in tarts.


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Garbage Kills Megan said:
I have one...

It's more power than God,
more evil than the Devil,
poor people have it
rich people want it
and if you eat it you'll die
the answer is nothing