What happend to the Krelboynes??

It appears that suddenly in season 5 the Krelboynes have disappeared into some parallel universe of intelligenta. Im assuming I have just missed something from a previous season, so could someone shed light on this mysterious disappearance. There was a thread stating that the actor who played Dabney will be in his own sitcom- so whether this is any explanation Im unsure.


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Well Kyle Sullivan (Dabny) is part of two shows, All That and now War At Home, as of now, I am unsure if he will return.

It would be nice if they came back for a cameo appearence. They can create new Krelboynes of course.


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Well if I remember correctly the "Krelboynes" where esentailly dispanded when they moved up to high school, but a few of them followed along with Malcolm, and in the beginning of season 4 we see Cynthia, Dabney, Lloyd, Kevin and a few other krelboynes still following Malcolm, they seem to remain pretty much till the end of Season 4, with some playing their biggest roles yet, Dabney and the paintball scene and the Ocathalon.

After this, they totally dissappeared, all except Stevie, vaporized. Looking at the IMDB, the two main Krelboynes Lloyd and Dabney stopped working in the show after Season 4, so I guess they just wanted to get rid of them....
I guess, I just quite liked the sterotypical nature of these characters, and feel the new class (new being season 5) don't seem any different to the typical US 'high school' class- althoug they're not all in their 30's as is often the case on those type of TV shows.


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In a sense of the story that MITM creates, rather than real life, as David and MITM18 have already addressed, the viewer is led to believe that this happens about the same time Malcolm begins his downward spiral of depression, and he decides that he doesn't want to hang out with the Krelboynes anymore, for whatever reason, and his friendship with them crumbles, except for Stevie, which is just weakened immensely.