Walken 2008?



This is something I stumbled upon whilst reading the internet on Thursday. The above website appears to be about the actor Christopher Walken running as a candidate for president in 2008.

But the wierd thing is that it seems like a serious website, and at first glance there is nothing to make one assume it is a hoax. Albeit, in terms of appearance, some elements of the site appear cheap and shoddy at the same time.

I cannot work out what is going on, because if this is real, then why have none of the world's media picked up on this?

Is Christopher Walken really going to run for US presidency. I really don't know, but if so, remember; you saw it here first!


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As far as I know, Giulliani and Hilary Clinton are the 2008 front runners. But it's so early it doesn't really make a difference. State governors are up for re-election in 2006, so that will be the next hot button topic before we get back to Presidents again.

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It looks to me like the site is made by people that want him to run for president, but he probably never said anything about wanting to run.