VIDEO: Supercut from above


Thanks, Dodoaddx, for a really interesting selection of crane and top-down shots! :cool:

The Malcolm crew truly went out of their way to create an extremely striking, versatile single-camera style, usually more associated with alternative or action cinema than with TV shows.

I recall they also used a lot of offbeat wide-angle lenses, even fisheye ones, and macro (for stuff like ants) and prism lenses, the latter for filming just a few centimetres off the ground, so you can hold the bulky body of the camera at a right angle.

This is an example of a prism shot, I think:

Also elaborate moving crane shots, scenes where the camera is apparently behind walls, under the ground (bottom-up instead of top-down, like inside the toilet bowl in Red Dress (1x02)), or inside cupboards or fridges, and the arresting Jaws-type 'dolly zoom'.

See also:

It's a good thing to point out rarely mentioned stuff like you do!

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