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I hadn't noticed this before, but the version of the pilot I watched via that utorrent is different to the UK version. Firstly, the song, I belive in miracles, you sexy thing is replaced by something else which isn't as funny, and the song when the camera comes out of Stevie's room is different. The bit where reese chokes and the bit where Lois says ' and you're friend Richard, he's very effeminate' which are funny bits in my opinion are cut. 'I've seen better days' is played in a shorter format and then Linwood Boomers name comes up before the scene with Malcolm on the dustbin.

Why did they do this- its so random and unneccessary. And are there these kind of differences in every episode? Its so wierd.


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Its not to do with US and UK. Its DVD and TV.


The DVD version (which you will have seen if you download from here) is longer 25mins. They where able to cut less for it. But they aired a shorter version on TV.

On DVD yes its "I Believe in Miracles" by Hot Chocolate but on the TV version they're singing "It's Your Thing" by The Isley Brothers.

I think they said somewhere that they changed the music cause they liked "I Believe in Miracles" better.

This is the only episode in season 1 they have done this with.

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Let me add to TJ's response that also, in the US anyway, on TV reruns there are parts cut out compared to the original in order to fit in more commercials


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why didn't the season 1 torrent files just be ripped from the season 1 dvd?

I know the majority of the torrent files were from Sky, not from U.S. TV, but where were the Season 1 torrent files ripped from?

too late to make changes tho, and really it is decent quality so i wouldn't complain, just like to find out thats all.


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Thanks for the info and links, I hadn't realised it was the dvd extended one on the utorrent, I spose they had to make the TV one shorter for ad breaks.