hey guys, been a while since my last post (exams, holidays etc.) seeing as this is the biggest resource I know for getting international oppinions, I was wandering if I could request some advice. Basically, I am currently trying to sort out travelling in my 'gap year' before I go to uni. One of the main places Id like to go to is the USA, I've found a group 'Camp America', they run summer camps for kids in the US and recruit 'counsellors' from the UK and other countries. I'm thinking of applying- has anyone heard of/ been on/ experienced/ encountered 'Camp America', or has anyone arranged there own gap year travelling; if so do you have any advice?


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Good to see you again, DeweyRules. :) I've never heard of Camp America, but typically camp councillors supervise kids or teens in a variety of outdoor activities, depending on what type of camp it is. The usual stuff is swimming, boating, hiking, crafts and the like. I never went to camp so I don't know too much more about it. Sound like fun though.

I have been to about 40 of the 50 states, so if you have questions about a what a particular state is like, I might be able to help you with that. I would personally reccomend Hawaii, California or anywhere in the Rocky Mountain area. :D


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First, let's spell counselor right--add a u just before the R if you're in the UK. :D And if it gets you a free trip to the US why not? :D

Wisconsin is a really great place! We have cheese! And American football! And beer! And, well, that's about it. :D

But seriously are you looking to earn money while you travel, or spend money? See stuff while you travel or do stuff? A whirlwind tour or one place for awhile?

I've never heard of Camp America either, sorry. You could visit LA though and give us more pics of the MITM house.


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Wisconsin is actually one of the few states I haven't been to. I'll have to check it out sometime and stop by to harass Sam. :D Beer, cheese and football, what more do you need? :D

Good point about Camp America. If you go that route, you'll probably only see one place. Not really the best route if you really want to see more of the country. You'll earn some money and have fun though.


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Don't forget about the farms... lots and lots of farms and fields. Just like every other state in the Midwest.
Thanks for the advice, a tad concerning that no one appears to have heard of the people. Apparently, onced you've finished the 8 weeks working on the camp, the visa lasts a further 10 weeks to allow travel. I'm torn at the moment between the US and Australia, it's just that 'Camp America' seemed like a viable option if I choose the US. Cheese, farms, American football & beer an odd bit interesting combination :D