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This probably only applies to those in the UK, just wandering if anyone watches Top Gear. I think its such a different program in it's style and approach, with the ridiculous challenges and stunts. I recall the original Top Gear, presented by the crap guy that now presents every program on channel 5, and it appeared to be the dullest show in the world, just reeling off facts about the engineering of the car, when all we really care about is whether its shiny and fast, exactly what Top Gear now does


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TopGear is really good now. Its so much better than it has ever been:D But I agree with TJ that JC is kind of a problem as he is far to out spoken sometimes. I often wonder how he gets away with some of the stuff he says :confused:, but most of the time what he says is true or justified, and when you dont take offense it pretty funny:D

Do you guys get TopGear in the USA??


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i kinda like top gear even though im a girl. im one of the girls who love pink and purple and gir;y things but also like to get muddy and climb trees and stuff like that:D i like it when the celebs race round the track trying to beat each others time.:) and i like it when they all try to get somewere using diferent methods my fave so far was when they tried to get to france one in a plane and the other by car. and when jeremy i think was got stuck trying to get out car park:D he held up the whole road.

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Three years ago, when I came to London for the first time, I discovered this show. I became a huge fan. Jeremy Clarkson is really good. Each time I came back to England, I watch the show. Sometimes I watch samples of the show on Youtube.

The driver who does the tests is quite a good driver..:rolleyes: