The War at Home


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Thanks for the update...but

That sucks! :crying:

Something slightly weird/interesting I just found but the actor who plays "Mike" Dean Collins has a youtube channel with videos he stars and directs in.

yeah i already subscribe to his channel, I find his videos hilarious.

I also have the actors who plays Dave and Mike as friends on my MySpace.. I think they are cool people and just want to see what bulletins they ever post, lol.

About that, I found Dean Collins's (Mike) YouTube page from his Wikipedia page, and from his YouTube page I found his MySpace page, and from his MySpace I found Michael Rapaport's (Dave) MySpace page....... the world wide web can get very.... webby.
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That is the idea behind the Internet, Mike. :D I will have to check out a few of his videos, that's always entertaining and impressive. It is sad that the War at Home is coming to an end but honestly it's probably facing the same growing pains that MITM faced and Fox sees it as becoming more of a hassle than it's worth to continue it. Remember that TWAH was supposed to be the replacement for MITM. What is the replacement for TWAH?