The State of MITM VC?


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Thought I would jump start this thread because I’ve become sad with the lack of engadgement between our community for the last few months, most of this is unfortunately due to the lack of news concerning the show and that there may or may not be much to talk about. So I was wondering if anybody had any ideas for a good topic of conversation. Over the past few years that I have been involved with this site I have seen the many past and present threads that our members have created and I personably miss seeing that today as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading our several thousands of threads as there are many great stories and concepts being shared. I always enjoy learning something new from one of our threads and sometimes I wish that I could engage with past members who may have left the site several years back for any number of reason, oh and just throwing this out there what forums do you guys enjoy reading the most and which threads do you find are the most interesting? I personally enjoy the threads that delve deep into the show and that try to prove or talk about something that no one has noticed before. I also enjoy some of the games that have been created! Hope everyone is doing well and may our site live on for many more years to come!