The Never-ending RATE-A-EPISODE Thread

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Hey, now that the show is over (and what a run it had), I want to know what you guys thought of the episodes. So, I have created this never-ending thread. Here's how it works, I will kick things off by stating the name of an episode. Then the first post will rate that episode out of 10, say what they liked/disliked about that episode and then state the name of another episode (from all seven seasons) for the next post to rate. So, I'll kick things off...

What do you think of... Rollerskates?


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Welcome to the forum, Mr Forum! That's gotta be my favorite username yet--you're going to have to share the story behind that one sometime. :D I moved your thread to Crapopoly Corner, our section for games and things like this.

Anyway, Rollerskates is a classic episode. I liked the lessons, but Lois' storyline was a little boring (although necessary, since Jane was pregnant).

Rating: 7



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I absolutely loved the Morp episode. It's in my top ten definately. My favorite part was the Hal, Lois and Dewey storyline. Poor Dewey! Seeing Hal naked in the kitchen with whipped cream... and then to get kicked out of the house so his mom and dad can have sex. He's seen too much in his short little life.

Rating: 9.5

Ok, next episode... Traffic Ticket


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At first, the storyline seemed thin to me, but it DID go places, and the ending was particulary good with the tape being demolished, and them all surronding Craig, threantenly...(I hope that was a word).


Burning Man.


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Burning Man is special to me :) because it was the last time we will ever see a new episode at the start of a new series...I also like it because its funny how Hal and Lois totally bust Malcolm and Reese and suggest they all go il give it...


Next episode is...

Halloween Approximately

I love it when Hal's in the car waiting with a cigar and coffee...then falls asleep!


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It was really nice to see Dewey's musical talent. Unfortunately I didn't like Lois' and Hal's plot too much. On the other hand seeing Stevie and Malcolm racing against each other was a lot of fun.

All together I'd give it 6.5 out of 10.

Next episode: Reese's job


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I liked the genius kid in it, as he was smarter than Malcolm, and have always been a fan of Francis' friend.


Red Dress.


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Two words to sum up Red Dress: Pure Genius!

This is absolutely one of the best episodes of the entire series. The writing was brilliant and I loved the conflict between Lois and her boys.

Rating: 10/10

Next Episode: Chad's Sleepover


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I want to remind players that the original instructions to this game said that you are to rate it, tell what you liked and didn't like about it, and choose the next episode. Please be sure you're doing all of that. :)


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I didn't really care for the Lois plot (ho-hum to me); but the boys and Hal's part was dead funny, especially at the end!


Next, Zoo.


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So funny. I loved reese's fight with the goat and where Lois hears that two boy where trpped int he tiger pen she says " Malcolm & Reese? No Malcolm and dewey Reese wouldnt last 30 seconds"

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7/10. I liked how Reese got put in his place by the girl, and how Malcolm finally learned what people thought about him.

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5/10. This episode was ok, but it could have been better. It was funny when Malcolm thought he had, for lack of a better word, "one-upped" Reese and Stevie since he and Hal had the dinghy, then we see Reese and Stevie paddling off on another boat thingy.

Next: Dewey's Special Class


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"Dewey's Special Class" was kind of fun to see how Dewey was sort of like another Malcolm, but how diffrent it turned out. It was great to see how they tried to keep it away from Lois but everything kept messing up. Then finally they think it's all figured out and Dewey tells, that was hillarious. But it could've been better in some areas, it seemed a little plain and boring compared to most episodes. The end was the high point to me. A small bit over average even though alot of the episodes were better. I'd give it about a 6/10.

Traffic Jam


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"Traffic Jam" was, in my opinion, one of the best episodes of season 2. VERY funny is the word for everyone's plots. Lois going crazy! Malcolm meeting a girl just like him! Reese trying his absolute hardest to get ice cream! Dewey trying to get back home!:D ABCD! ABCD! ABCD!:D Anyways, I thought Lois had the plot that shined in this episode. It's a rare instance when she can't control what's going on. And, of course, she goes nuts.:D
RATING: 9.5/10

NEXT: (one of my fav. episodes of the show!) Burning Man! :)


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Erm id give that 8/10, i loved it at the time, because well it had been so long without mitm and it was the season 7 premiere so...but it was good, it could of been better.

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It was cool because you never would've thought Reese of all people would end up making things work. The whole time how Dewey manipulated everyone was cool too. It was a bit too boring though when it came to the scenes with Malcolm and Stevie trying to figure out how Reese seperated the stuff. Not sure why but it was so I guess I'd give it a.... Seven outta' ten. 7/10 =)

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