The Lone Ranger- Traking the 'footsteps' of Bernard

I've just been re-watching some of Season 3 and took more notice of Bernard- Dewey's class pet, released in Season 3. As an ongoing theme, he continued to make appearances throughout the seasons, however I'm sure I've missed a lot of his appearances. So, I think we should track Bernard, if you see him or remember seeing him, state the episode and if possible the senario- happy hunting.

1. Health Scare- At end of show rolling by


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He went rolling by at the end of Monkey too. Right after we see Eric stranded on the side of the road in Alaska after Francis leaves. :)


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yea, its a cool recuring theme that we havent really mentione here before - quite surprised really. maybe we could do a map or vidcaps of him - but i tink he only appear 4 times ? so it may not be worth it :S
He appeared a lot throughout series 3, at least 7 times i would imagine. Then he made occasional appearances in other seasons. Well, submit your suggestions and I'll check, perhaps we could ultimatley chart his journey.
Yeah i've seen that episode before, it's really amazing. I love bernard the hamster, i don't know what episodes he's in, Sam might be right, i think he was in poker!! Anyway can someone find out the name of the hamster who played him? That would be really good!!