The Dilemma: Anniversary , Francis's birthday, Lois's age.

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These are all interconnected because of one thing, Francis was born in the wedding.
My Puzzle Pieces:

1-Lois revealed her age in (Season 2 Episode 3 titled "Lois's Birthday") more details to come.

2-Hal reveals their 20th anniversary in (Season 6 Episode 3 titled "Hal Sleepwalks")

3-Franics revealed his 21st birthday in (Season 6 Episode 16 titled "No Motorcycles")

4-Francis is born in the Wedding Day in (Season 2 Episode 25 titled "Flashback")

5-Hal reveals they ALREADY celebrated 22 anniversaries (Season 7 Episode 7 titled "Blackout")

Timeline (Don't concentrate on the ages, just what day the episode happened)

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Okay here is what Lois said when she revealed her age, so for the 2 post. Anyhow TimeLine MITMVC.htm (Click on Season 2)

I don't know why Yardgames wrote 40??

Lois said in November 2000 to a kid "You give me back 15 years of my life. Can you do that? can you reverse time? Can you take me back to when I was 23, so I can stay single, go to music school and become a concert violinist? Huh? No? Okay."

In 2000 she is 23(marriage age) + 15 (years of marriage)= 38 years old in 2000 not 40 as yardgames said.


: Edit Puzzle number 3 read below the conversation that occurred in (Season 6 Episode 16 titled "No Motorcycles") which is the same episode he revealed his 21st birthday

Hal: No, no, no, no, wait. I'll think of something. I've been married for
20 years, and I've gotten out of a lot of trouble.

Francis: Wait, how is it 20 years if I'm 21?

Hal: Just shut up and let me think. Okay. I have something.

Wait did the writer Andy Bobrow poked fun at the previous episode when Hal celebrates his 20th anniversary. If Andrew knew this why the hell is he fucking with our brain???????????? How come he didn't stick with the magical number 20?????????

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Holy Molly

New Development

Lois is a liar she lied to Hal all those years and now I understand why Yardgames said she is 40 in season 2 when she is supposed to be 38.

In Season 6 Episode 20 titled "Stilts"

Lois: "I am two years older than you think I am"
She said this in one of the last parts of the episodes during a heated argument exchange with her husband Hal where each of them reveal something they have done.

This makes her 40 in Season 2 although you might ask yourself why she lie to a little children who don't know anything about her. Her age has little significance in than I imagined right now.


I have been thinking of this for days but now I can connect all the dots.

Hal and Lois decided to marry in 1984,that makes her age 24 and Hal's age will be equal to that of the actor Bryan Cranston which makes his age at 28. Note Lois and Hal celebrate their birthdays month not couple months ahead or before their respective actor/actress. HAL is March while LOIS is November but they get Married in April a good month with good weather in California. During the Wedding Francis was born and they were legally married, but it was a failed marriage that both of them end in a hospital to deliver the kid, I believe they got re-married again in February 1985 therefore in February 2005 they would celebrate their 20th anniversary. Also I love the fact that Francis celebrates his birthdays not far from his parents he celebrates at April . Example?

1- In Season 2 Episode 7 titled "Robbery" that happens during February 2001 (16th anniversary) to refresh your memory Hal tries to buy an "old furniture to give Lois as an anniversary gift, but it turns out to be full of bats." Afterwards during April 2001 Season 2 Episode 10 titled "The Bully" in which "Francis tries to come home from military school for his birthday to avoid a brutal birthday hazing ritual of having his whole body shaved. "

2- In Season 6 Episode 3 titled "Hal Sleepwalks", they celebrate their 20th anniversary in February 2005
and afterwards Francis celebrates his 21st birthday in Season 6 Episode 16 titled "No Motorcycles".

I think I have connected all dots except the last one which is an honest MISTAKE. I am talking about the one where Hal reveals they ALREADY celebrated 22 anniversaries (Season 7 Episode 7 titled "Blackout")



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Yeah, this has been pretty confusing.

Here is what I have to explain it all.

1. We KNOW Red Dress was #16. It appears to be early 2000. Hal Sleepwalks appears to confirm that it's after the new year. "Blackout", again, appears to confirm that's either early in the year, or very late in the year.

2. We KNOW Francis got sent to military school at 15 ("Ida Loses a Leg"); I'm sure he turned 16 soon afterwards, but forgot about it amid the whole getting used to military school; I'll also assume Hal and Lois didn't send him a gift as part of his punishment. I'm assuming all this because an episode in the middle of season 2 is seemingly his first birthday there, and I'm pretty sure he's older than 16.

3. I'm sure Lois was honest about her age in Lois' birthday, since she wasn't telling Hall about it. I original assumed, because of what Wikipedia wrote for her and Hal's ages, that she is 42-48 during the series and he's 44-50, but this made me revise my opinion.

4. Hal and Lois have 3 anniversaries during the series. I don't think "Robbery" should be taken into account, seeing as Hal may have been buying her a present ahead of time.

5. Francis' birthday takes place well after Christmas in season 6, but right after thanksgiving in season 2. I'm going to take some liberties here and assume "No Motorcycles" takes place right after Hal Sleepwalks, and that Francis was willing to give his folks their day to celebrate their anniversary, as long as he got a good party and his motorcycle ride the next weekend.

6. Then there's the debate about how they're on anniversary 20 in Hal Sleepwalks. I'm just gonna assume A) Hal and Lois have bad memories and didn't realize what anniversary they're on, B) they didn't count one year; or C) what Dewey Muhhamadov said...which makes the most sense, seeing as Francis' birthday and the anniversaries don't seem to collide.

7. In Blackout, Hal's memory is just bad.

This is as reasonable of an explanation for everything I can come up with.