The Clue Game


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OK, here's the gist - name one detail that happens in the episode you're thinking of, and we try to guess what it is. Here's a good one -

The cold opener involves playing softball in the house.


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Dont call me baby again ;D

Anyways, the episode Im thinking of has bikes as a subplot. Can ya guess the ep? (willing to give more hints if needed)


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Emancipation(technically second part to Houseboat even though it had nothing to do with Houseboat ;D ). Actually one of my favorite scenes!

Ok, this is my last post of the night since Sabbath is about to begin and Im gonna log off:
Craig saves the day! (more hints tommorrow if you guys need them ;D ).
Ok, goodnight everyone!


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You got it, Mike! Even though Craig did save the day in "Dewey's Dog" as well, since he got the dog to chase him. ;D
And Sam, no I don't use the computer on Sabbath(Saturday). Well, actually I do. I go to a website called and watch online sermons by an awesome Seventh Day Adventist(that's what I am :) ) pastor named Doug Batchelor. If your interested, go check amazingfacts out. :)
Anyways, your turn Mike!