The best part about going to a movie.


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If I went to any of the Regal Entertainment Theaters, my absolute favorite part would be seeing this.

A rollercoaster-style policy trailer, zooming through all the popcorn, Coke and snacks we can handle. Too bad they axed it for that entertainment-esque crap. My other faves would be eating snacks, seeing the coming attractions, and then the movie itself.


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Yeah, instead of doing cool stuff like that before a movie, they now do these crappy celebrity quotes that no one cares about and they do all kinds of other crap. It would be neat if they made something like you suggested.
And the best part about going to a movie? Seeing the movie I paid $7.50 to see. ;D


I have two Regal cinemas in my town. One is a 15 screen stadium theater and the other is a very old 5 cinema theater. The old theater still runs that Regal roller coaster add before each movie, which amazes me because the other Regal theater has the "First Look" and ads galore.

Plus, the new theater is charging $9.50 now and the other one still charges $8.25. They both show new releases (not the same films though) so it doesn't seem fair to me.


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I don't have any Regals, but I do have a similar rollercoaster style ad. It's not really a rollercoaster, per se, but the camera does sort of fly--except its through film strips with clips of tons of different movies in about 30 seconds. I agree, though; the best part of the movie is seeing the movie.


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Yeah the movie theater I go to all the time is a Regal Entertainment. i love that roller coaster video, its 3D CGI, and that is what I am doing in college for as an Animation major.

There is a similar type of video, on a roller coaster, but this is a TV commercial for the VW Touran in France
I like it a lot!

Another thing with an interesting concept, that also has a camera on a complex hotwheels-like track, is the music video for Keane's "Is It Any Wonder?", you can Google and look for the video, i couldn't find a decent copy