Success after Macolm?

Recently, due to the iminent end of MITM, there have been many discussions about what the actors will do after the show ends. As far as Im aware there is no specific thread related to which of the actors will gain/ continue their success after the show ends and what there future prospects may be.

With the majority of superstar child actors, by the age of 35 no one remembers them, althought there are of course exceptions to the rule. So which actors do you think will have the ability as well as the 'want' to continue in their success?

In my oppion Jane and Brian will have relative success in films, however I think they are too associated with the programme (for their age) to be able to be accepted as stars of another TV show. I dont think Erik will continue to act much after Malcolm has finished, I base this mainly on what is said in one of the features from the DVD, where he states some proffesions he would like to go into. I also feel that due to the young age at which he was successful, he may have become tired of acting and strive for different career.

I think Justin will probably focus more on production behind the camera rather than appearing in front of the camera, as I believe he has set up his production company (see grotto), this therefore seems to be a passion of his. Finally, Frankie. I find it hard to specualte, he obviously wants to remain an actor, and is one of the driving forces behind ending the show at season 7, as he wishes to persue a more 'adult' career in film, Im not sure whether he will have the ability to pull this off, we wont really be able to tell until we see the horro film he is starring in.


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I basically think the same as Dewey rules.
I think Frankie will need to try extremely hard to make it as an adult actor, after being in such movies as agent cody banks, and big fat lier.
Justin will probably continue in j2, although i would like to see him in some movies as well.
Erik will probably not continue acting, but i think he suits voice acting, like when he was in finding nemo.
Bryan might star in some sitcoms or movies alike jane.
I hope i will see all the cast again somewhere though!:)


A great topic Deweyrules!! :)

As the show heads in to what appears to be the final season, one would have to assume the actors are beginning to ponder life after MITM.

As I said in another thread, Bryan was a character actor in films before MITM and I feel he will be character actor in films after MITM. He had the ability to do comedy and drama and even both at the same time. I can see him slipping into any role in any genre and excelling at it. I can't picture Bryan on another sitcom, not because I don't think he would be good at it, just because I think he'd prefer to go in a different direction at this point in his career. I do see him doing more guest starring roles in dramas, perhaps procedural shows such as the CSI's and the like.

I can picture Jane taking some time off after MITM as she still has young children and her husband is working on The West Wing so she may want to be home with her kids. I can see her doing another sitcom in the future although it would be hard for me, as a viewer to see her as anyone other than Lois, which is a credit to her acting. She has truly defined that character and if she does take on another sitcom role in the future, I think the character should have some of the same characteristics as Lois; loud, overbearing, gets things done type of person. Since she's so good at those types of roles, I hope she will make continued excellent use of her talent in that regard. It's a little hard for me to picture her in a film or procedural show for mainly the same reason. I do think she would be good in a TV Movie, based on a true story type of movie.

As Christopher’s role has been reduced considerably in recent season, I'm sure he is already thinking about/working on other projects after MITM. I can see him in typical 20 something roles, perhaps horror films and definitely thriller and most likely comedy as well. Regardless of genre, definitely more adult roles. Of all the actors on MITM, Christopher is the one I most likely see appearing in another sitcom. He is a great comic actor and he's of the correct age that most shows go after and he certainly has experience so he will most likely be in demand for pilots, at the least.

I have to agree I feel Erik may do little acting after Malcolm. As happens with many child stars when they grow up, they choose to take different career paths in their lives. MITM will be ending at a good point for Erik, in that he’s still young enough to choose a different career path if he so chooses or he could choose to stay the course and continue with acting. Either way, I wish him the best but I really can’t picture him in feature films, even though he was in Skipping Christmas, I picture him more in series TV in the future.

I feel Frankie will continue on in films and I think Stay Alive will be a major contributing factor in which was his career goes. If he’s able to pull off this more adult role (which I believe he will) then the sky’s the limit for him. He can play comedy, no question but can he play more serious roles. Time will tell but I strongly doubt we will ever see him in another series in the future. He seems as though motion pictures is the route he’d like his career to take him and I hope he goes for it. He’s a great actor in my opinion and I hope to see him on the big screen for many years to come.

Justin is moving forward with his production company but as he has posted on his official message board, he hopes to work both in front of and behind the camera after MITM comes to a close and I sincerely hope that he does. He is a terrific actor and has achieved quite the accomplishment by appearing in 100 episodes of two different TV series all before the age of 18. That is a record and one that regardless of whether or not someone else achieves the same is something to always be proud of. His first project through his production company, "Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive" is currently airing and he has other projects in the works which will undoubtedly keep him busy long after MITM comes to a close but I hope Justin does take on a film role in the future in any genre. However, whatever career path he chooses to take, I know he will excel at it and as a fan, I will be there to support him always.
I agree with you about Christopher Matterson, I think he's a really good actor and due to the relativley low profile of Francis in recent series I feel he is the only character that could continue into another sitcom or drama