Starting Credits


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On the starting credits to every episode (after the cold opener) they have afew clips from episodes with the actors names running across the screen and the "They Might Be Giants - Boss of ME" theme. I want to know if any 1 knows what the episode is that has what looks to be reese with rubbish all over his face or food.

If any1 knows would they let me know please.... i have a feeling it might just be made for the starting credits..



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Well, the titles do occassionally change, so let me know which episode you're referring to (or at least which season :)) if this doesn't seem remotely accurate, but I believe that you're referring to Dewey, not Reese, who has candy all over his face. In "Company Picnic" he rather went crazy with a pinata he had stolen.


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Thanks YG, that had been bugging me for ages, sure you are right it is dewey.
thanks again
(knew joining this forum was a good idea!:) )