Spinoff or one off?

So many of our favorite shows tend to feel they need to extend the success of the popular franchise. However, so few (particuarly in recent months) of these so called spin off's have ever come close to the calibre of the origional. This is possibly due to a change in writing, but more likely the shift in focus; popular programs tend to be so because of the brilliant combinations of characters and themes, whereas their lesser counterparts often centre upon just ONE of the characters key to the shows success. For example, I am sure we are all aware of the brilliant 'Friends' and the comparitvely dire 'Joey'. Therefore I would like to pose the question to those who are in the best position to answer it (not the cast, writers or crew), the FANS! Do you think MITM could have its own spin off- perhaps 'The Secret Life of a Street Dancer: Dewey' or 'Living with Intelligence and Idiots: Malcolm'. Who do you would lend themselves to their own series- bear in mind one of the most successful spin-off's, ultimatley becoming a great show in its own right- Fraiser, utilised a relatively obscure character- is this the best way to create a spin off. Basically answer the question is MITM a one off or could a spin off be created? I look forward to reading your suggestions.


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Re: spinoff or one off?

Fraiser? a spin off thats news to me, what from?

Personally i dont see how it would work, sirely it would just be sorta the same show. i mean thye live at home as a family.......so surely it will just be the same show with just say a shift of focus. I surpose you could do craig - but that would be rubbish.


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Re: spinoff or one off?

Frasier is a spin off from Cheers. :D

And you all know my thoughts on the spin off by now. Francis and Piama should have a spin off.
They somehow come into possession of a creepy hotel somewhere in the midle of nowhere that turns out to be haunted.
Reese could also be part of the regular cast, getting work there as a chef.
Re: spinoff or one off?

Is that technically a spin-off though? It has a number of the original characters in it and just seems to be diverting focus to the Francis storyline of MITM, nice idea though. I think the Craig spin-off would potentially work, because it could easily be disassociated with mitm.