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Here I decided to have a thread to display all the thingd happening in our world to make it different. Space Travel, Science Breakthroughs, ect. Here I'll post my interpratation of a news article, then post the site you can find the whole story at. Who knows maybe you'll learn something interesting. Any notes not in the article,or some afterthoughts will be posted after the site is written. Enjoy!

--NASA says the space shuttle Discovery will launch at 10.39 EST Tuesday. There is a 60% chance of a sucess, weather wise due to tropical storm Franklin.--
Find the whole story at:,0,6642294.story?coll=ny-top-headlines

If anything is to go wrong, they will dock at the ISS, and await Atlantis to pick them up a space shuttle can seat about 7. The ISS also has a Soyuz craft to hold 3 in the event of an emergency, yet the Russian space program can only launh 2 more if needed.
Coundown as of this posting: aprox. 2 days, 13 hours, 17 minutes. yay shuttle. lets hope everything goes right. The ISS won't build itself.:D