Some questions about the show


I'm currently writing an article on MITM's ratings and I have a few questions regarding the show, if some of you can help.

- When exactly were episodes 114 to 116 shot? FOX first ordered 13 episodes, then they must have ordered 3 more episodes… but those last 3 episodes from season 1 have season 2 production codes.
(Apparently, episode 201 was shot in July in emergency because Muniz was growing up so quickly, true or false?)

- Were the 25 episodes of season 2 ordered all at once before the season started being broadcasted, or did FOX expand an initial order (of something like the standard 22 episodes) sometime during the year?

- Why did FOX broadcast several episodes of seasons 2 and 3 on Wednesdays? (202, 204, 206, 208 and 302, 304) The ratings were not great (9 millions) as opposed to Sundays (15 millions).

- Why Christopher Masterson presence on screen was diminished during season 6 and 7? Was that a decision from the producers, the network, or the actor?

- What exactly motivated the producers to give more space to the parents (who get a lot more time on screen and storylines) from season 3?

I'll surely have more questions later as I'm continuing on writing the whole thing. And I'll be happy to give the detailed ratings to the people who ask once I'm done.