Series' World Cup: support MitM!


From 5 June to 8 Jully, you can participate to the Series' World Cup on the SeriesLive website.

What's that? You can vote for your favorites shows untill the final. How? Clics, thousands of clics!
Malcolm in the Middle is now up on 1/2 against Stargate SG-1. The match will tale place from 29 June at 6 p.m. (GMT) to 1st Jully, 6 p.m.

Here's the main page of the Series' World Cup. I'll give you the adress of the voting page when the match had begun.

All the Malcolm France's members are voting all night and day long (I can't stop, it's too addictive!) and the USA's fans are helping us already!

Wanna see MitM champion? Wanna help the french fans? Just vote and support the best sitcom ever! :)


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Wow... Friends beat The Simpsons... And understood half of a webpage... I didn't know I couold understan that much French. :) I'm proud. :D

So the voting starts now?


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Sounds.....well werid. Some did we miss the previous matches?

Ill vote when i can.


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Malcolm is getting KILLED! I can't believe it's losing so badly to Stargate. :rolleyes: Go vote now people!! :D


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Think Malcolm will get creamed :( Stargate SG1 has way more fans, and no offense intended, their fans are the kind of people who sit at computers all day clicking...


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I think Simon stated it best when he said that we're not pathetic enough to sit on our computers clicking all day and night. :D At least for nothing. If there were DVDs involved, then I'd think about it...


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Re: vote Malcolm !

wen does it end again? ive been trying to find a good autoclicker with only limited sucess