Return of Friends!

Thats amazing!! I love friends, one of the megnaughts of US sitcom, so long as its not as poor as 'Joey' was, hopefully writers will return to form (note spin-off or one-off thread). I guess its because, with the exception of Jenifer Ansiton, other cast members have had little success since the end of series 10 It aslo mentioned another spin-off show- it begs the question did anyone BUT Jenifer Aniston actually want to stop making the show?. However, I do feel its very soon after its finale to do a revival is this going to result in demise similar to those demonstrated by the dreadful latter 'Only Fools and Horses' Christmas specials?


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That's interesting! I like(d) Friends too. Has this ever been done with another show? I can't recall any shows that have actually been cancelled for nearly 2 years, then brought back--even if it only is for a few eps.


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I liked Friends too, but I'm not sure that it's time for a "one off" special. I would watch them tho, but a show has to end sometime....:D


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I agree, simon. At some point there should be an end. Although i love Friends i'm pretty sceptical...