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There is a new way of doing things in this forum, each member is permitted one thread only, for their gallery.

NB: With permission from myself, you may have more than one thread, if you were to create an image gallery with screenshots, and another for general MITM art work etc.

This enables other people to easily comment and rate the pictures uploaded by members, and members can add more and more pictures to their gallery as time goes on.

You may have upto 20 images per post they are thumbnailed automatically.
You pictures must be less than 65KB big.

You gallery can contain...
  • MITM screencaps/videocaps
  • Signatures and/or avatars for others to use
  • General Cast photos from MITM *
* Please read unappropriate content.

You gallery cannot contain
  • Unrelated Contents (pictures not related to MITM or its cast)
  • Unappropriate Content (pornographic/vulgar/unauthorised**)
  • Non-Picture Content (no sound files etc. this is a PICTURES only gallery - other files can go in the general boards)
** by unauthorised we mean taken without the actors consent, this usually includes pictures taken on beaches etc....

Top Tips for High Quality Videocaps

Here are my top 10 tips for high quality yet small images
  1. Always use a high quality source file, a DVD is perfect, or a television image through your computer, as long as you get good reception.
  2. Always take a very high quality large picture first (800x600) 24 BMP, it is easier to compress downwards later.
  3. When it comes to resizing DONT USE PAINT!!! Use Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Effects etc. Paint is terrible at resizing. There are also free programmes on the internet, a search at will do the trick!
  4. Resize to about 400x300 and to a high quality JPG, this should bring the picture down quite a lot, if this does not reduce the size to under 39KB, then reduce the picture quality slightly.
  5. An easy way to quickly compress a picture is to open it in paint and save it again, you can usually compress 5KB or so, without losing any quality!
  6. Always choose the best, don't spend ages manicuring all your pics, just choose the best
  7. Always take lots while watching, as sometimes they turn out blurred or the cast look silly (eyes closed, silly expression etc.)
  8. Never remove logos from the images, as this is copyright infringment.
  9. Watch a DVD through first before taking screencaps you can then rewind later to the best places.
  10. Always make sure you don't cut people in half - it looks silly having half a person in a photo
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