Question about the skier on fire (Intro)


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I've been having a MITM marathon the last few days and started to wonder what the clips in the intro were from. Finding out where the clips were from was not an issue, but when I started to dig deeper I realised that the clip of the skier on fire can't be found anywhere except for in the intro to MITM. So, apparently it is from an old show from 1973 which focused on Thrill Seekers, and not surprisingly the name of the show is "Thrill Seeker" problem is that information about the show is very scarce as well and I have only been able to find 3 video clips from it, none of which include the skier.

I realise this is a very strange topic and has quite a low relevance to MITM, but it has started to interest me and I want to find out who this guy is who (in a way) appears in every single MITM episode. If anyone knows anything more about this clip or the show "Thrill Seekers" in general I'd love to know more about it.


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